Centaur (Battle Armor)

This article is about the Battle Armor. For other uses, see Centaur.
Centaur Battle Armor
Production information
Manufacturer Rhodes Foundry[1]
Equipment Rating F/X-X-F
Use Infantry Artillery
Chassis Type Humanoid
Weight Class Heavy
Tech Base Inner Sphere (Experimental)
Cost ??? C-bills
Introduced 3136
Technical specifications
Mass 1,500 kg
Top Speed 10(20) km/h

1x BA Tube Artillery
1x Small Laser

Armor Type Reactive
BV (2.0) 52[1][2][3]


Designed in secrecy, the Centaur is a Heavy-weight battle armor, first designed for the Republic of the Sphere's armed forces during the later Dark Age era. This was part of an effort by the Republic to develop a highly mobile battle armor-scale artillery piece. It was first built on Devil's Rock at the highly secretive Rhodes Foundry Ltd. factory, along with other secret projects. The battle armor first entered production in 3136 along with the Simian battle armor, and they would often be teamed up in the years ahead.

The Centaur would first see combat in false-flag raids as part of the Republic's efforts to destabilize enemy forces outside of the nation's Fortress Walls.[1]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The heavy suit is weighted down by its primary weapon, the battle armor artillery battery. Intended to be an anti-infantry and battle armor weapon, this tubed artillery weapon is heavy enough to slow down the Centaur to just barely 10 km/h. However, the entire weapon is detachable, and once dropped the armor can move upwards to 20 km/h. The tubed weapon system is limited to eight rounds of fire. For its only backup weapon, the Centaur has a right arm-mounted Small Laser. To help the Centaur to get into position against a potential enemy, the suit is equipped with Magnetic Clamps. Protecting the suit from counterbattery fire or missile based weaponry is 420 kilograms of Reactive Armor.[1]


The suit has the following capabilities - Swarm/Leg Attack/Mechanized/AP: No/No/Yes/No The Armor's BA Tube Artillery also has a Detachable Weapon Pack feature on it.

The Centaur battle armor was originally conceived of by WizKids' MechWarrior Dark Age Collectible Miniatures game as a part of its Fire Power expansion set. The figure would be used both generally and as a unique armor in the CGC game. The battle armor would later be adapted by Catalyst Game Labs and redefined in the tabletop game once the company advanced the franchise's timeline to 3145.



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