Ceres Metals Industries

Logo of Ceres Metals Industries
Ceres Metals Industries
Corporation Profile
Founding Year 2415
Headquarters: Capella
Leadership: CEO
Products: Aerospace fighters,
Battle armor,
Conventional fighters,
Division(s) Indicass,
St. Ives,

Originally founded in 2415, Ceres Metals Industries is one of the most successful conglomerates in the Inner Sphere. It has invested in widely diverse fields, from personal armaments to the civilian ground vehicles produced by Ceres Motors. They are best known however, as a military armaments manufacturer.[1]

With more than 500 facilities on over one hundred worlds, the massive Ceres Metals Industries was one of the first developers of BattleMech technology and the cornerstone of military hardware manufacture in the Capellan Confederation. Today their flagship design (the Vindicator) has become synonymous with the Capellan Confederation Armed Forces.


Ceres Metals was originally founded on Terra, with its headquarters in São Paulo, Brazil. Originally concerned only with mining raw materials, the company expanded into manufacturing until, by the time the Star League was founded, Ceres Metals was a major producer of JumpShips, DropShips and other hardware. It soon became heavily involved in trade, growing the company immensely and making many worlds dependent upon their JumpShip routes, and directly invested in the creation of new colonies in the Periphery. However, the majority of its industrial power was located within the Terran Hegemony which, during the Amaris Civil War and resulting Succession Wars, was largely destroyed, along with the Terra headquarters.[2][3]

Despite this setback, the company still had hundreds of facilities and operations spread throughout the Inner Sphere. The company moved its main headquarters to Capella, a former regional office established on May 14, 2415. Ceres Metals became the chief dealer of state securities between the Confederation, Free Worlds League and Draconis Combine. With major divisions on Coventry, Dorwinion, Elidor, Kimball, Sarna and Ward, Ceres maintains its neutrality by supplying arms and equipment to any organization which can meet its prices.[3]

In 3065, General Motors arranged for a prototype Phoenix Hawk built by Vicore Industries to be delivered to Ceres Metals Industries on Warlock. This led to the Capellan company beginning production.[4]

Wolf's Dragoons were a major customer of Ceres' equipment in the years prior to the Fourth Succession War.[5]

When Ceres Metals Industries first constructed their facilities on Warlock, they were able to rely heavily on imports from the Federated Suns. With the reunification of the St. Ives Compact and the Confederation, the facility had to be expanded to produce equipment which could no longer be purchased from the Capellan March.[citation needed]

The Ceres Metals plant on St. Ives has seen several significant changeovers in recent years. First was the conversion of its 'Mech line from producing the Confederation's staple Vindicator to the BJ-3 Blackjack when the St. Ives Commonality broke away from the Confederation as the St Ives Compact. Now following the reunification of St. Ives with the Capellan state, the line has been converted again, this time to produce different variants of the Phoenix Hawk. Finally, continued demand for the BJ-3 design resulted in production of the venerable design being restored for limited runs.[citation needed]

The Warlock plant survived the Jihad, only to be levelled by a terrorist attack in 3080. The terrorists - allegedly Free Capella, according to the Capellan government - used a nuclear weapon to destroy the plant, killing thousands of civilians in the process.[6]

The Ceres Metals plant on Capella benefited after the Jihad from the capture and dismantling in secret of a Martinson Armaments plant on Liberty by Capellan forces. The Martinson plant had been constructed within the old SLDF Marine Corps base on the island of Quentin under the orders of Precentor Martial Cameron St. Jamais, and kept a secret even within the ranks of the Word of Blake. Within the factory Martinson manufactured a FrankenMech known as the Eidolon, assembled largely from surplus spare parts originally assembled for the Celestial series of OmniMechs. Having learned of the existence of the factory, Capellan forces launched a deliberate campaign to capture it before allied coalition forces on Liberty learned of its existence, and then managed to disassemble the plant and move it back into Capellan territory. The CCAF troops not only captured critical construction equipment but also full plans for the Eidolon and a not insubstantial quantity of spare parts. Within months of the fall of Terra Ceres Metals had incorporated the captured facilities into their own on Capella and were manufacturing the Yao Lien 'Mech, and by 3085 had established a complete internal supply chain within Capellan space and commenced full production of the 'Mech.[7]


In 2322, the company was under the joint leadership of two ruling families: the Kimball family of Terra and the Igota family of Thorin.[2]

In 3012, the company's president was Patrick Rivoli.[8]

In 3025, the company's CEO was Duke Kingston Rivoli.[3]

In 3066, the CEO of the Tikonov division was Margot Hoi.[9]

In 3076, the CEO of Ceres Metals Industries was Duchess Evadne Rivoli.[1]


Ceres Metals Industries has manufacturing centers on the following planets:


Note: The Capella facility suffered no losses or damage during the Jihad, and had a production volume of 91% in 3079.[10] Ceres Metals would continue to operate at near maximum capacity on Capella, resupplying the CCAF as it rebuilt.[11]

Components produced on Capella[12][13][14][15][16][17][18][19][20][21][22][23][24][25][26][27]
Component Type
Battle Armor
Fa Shih[17] Medium battle armor
Fa Shih 2[18] Medium battle armor
Trinity[13] Medium battle armor
Ying Long BC3[19] Medium battle armor
Inner Sphere Standard[24] Medium battle armor
GS-54 Guard[28] Ultralight IndustrialMech
SNK-1V Snake[20][24] Medium BattleMech
YOL-4C Yao Lien[23] Medium BattleMech
MAD-5L Marauder[24] Heavy BattleMech
MAD-6L Marauder[24] Heavy BattleMech
VND-3L Vindicator[12][21] Medium BattleMech
VND-4L Vindicator[21][24] Medium BattleMech
VND-5L Vindicator[21] Medium BattleMech
THR-1L Thunder[24] Heavy BattleMech
THR-2L Thunder[22] Heavy BattleMech
THR-4C Thunder[22] Heavy BattleMech
OSR-4L Ostroc[24] Heavy BattleMech
TSG-9H Ti Ts'ang[15][24] Heavy BattleMech
TSG-9J Ti Ts'ang[15] Heavy BattleMech
TSG-9DDC Ti Ts'ang[16] Heavy BattleMech
Yu Huang[29][30] Assault BattleMech
GN-2O Gùn[27] Light OmniMech
FS9-O Firestarter[24] Medium OmniMech
Aerospace Fighter
TR-10 Transit[24] Medium aerospace fighter
TR-11 Transit[12][24] Medium aerospace fighter
TR-12 Transit[24] Medium aerospace fighter
TR-13G Transit[25] Medium aerospace fighter
TR-13X Transit Glare[26] Medium aerospace fighter
DFC-0 Defiance[14][24] Medium aerospace fighter
Conventional Fighter
Katya Ground Assault Craft[24] Conventional Fighter
Celestial Prototype BD1Y Yao Lien[23]
Ceresplex IV Vindicator[12][21] and Snake[20]
Ceresplex IV Endo Steel Ostscout[citation needed]
Ceresplex Light Omni Endo Steel Gùn[27]
SL Special TSG-9H Ti Ts'ang[15] and TSG-9DDC Ti Tsang[16]
Hollis Mk.III THR-1L Thunder[31] and THR-C4 Thunder[22]
Mujika Aerospace Type 18 TR-11 Transit[12] and TR-13G Transit[25]
Mujika Aerospace Type Modular Version 6 Defiance[14]
Fusion Engine
GM 180 Vindicator[12][21]
Ceres Motors 275 Yao Lien[23]
Magna 350 Thunder[citation needed]
Rawlings 100 Gùn[27]
Rawlings 200 Refits and Repair[citation needed]
Extralight Fusion Engine
CeresMotors 240 XL For export[citation needed]
Hermes 360 XL TSG-9H Ti Ts'ang[15] and TSG-9DDC Ti Tsang[16]
VOX 225 XL Vindicator and Snake[20]
VOX 280 XL THR-4C Thunder[22]
Rawlings 200 XL TR-13G Transit[25]
Rawlings 250 XL TR-11 Transit[12]
Jump Jets
Anderson 398 Vindicator[citation needed]
Anderson Propulsion 30 Vindicator,[12][21]Firestarter and Snake[20]
Anderson High Propulsion 12s THR-4C Thunder[22]
Chevron I TSG-9H Ti Ts'ang[15] and TSG-9DDC Ti Tsang[16]
Improved Jump Jets
Chilton 950 Yao Lien[23]
Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles)
Ceres Durallex Heavy TSG-9H Ti Ts'ang[15] and TSG-9DDC Ti Tsang,[16] Thunder
Shipped to Corey for Catapult and to Menke for Warhammer
Ceres Durallex Standard Firestarter and Defiance[14]
Ceres Durallex Heavy Stealth Ostroc and Marauder[citation needed]
Ceres Heavy w/CASE II THR-4C Thunder[22]
Ceres Standard Gùn[27]
Starshield Vindicator[12][21] and Snake[20]
Shipped to St. Ives for Cheetah and Thrush and to Tikonov for Thrush
Ferro-fibrous Armor
Durallex Medium ferro-fibrous Yao Lien[23]
Armor - FA - Aerospace Fighters
StarGlo Ferro-Aluminum [citation needed]
Armor - Aerospace Fighters & Conventional Aircraft
Mujika Aerofibre TR-11 Transit[12]
Mujika StarGlare Reflective TR-13G Transit[25]
Communications System
Ceres MaserCom 12 TR-11 Transit[12]
Ceres MaserCom Variable 3s Defiance[14]
CeresCom Maser 12 Vindicator[citation needed]
CeresCom 21-Rs Vindicator,[12][21]Snake,[20]Thunder, TSG-9H Ti Ts'ang,[15] TSG-9DDC Ti Tsang[16] and Yao Lien[23]
Ceres Metals Model 21-Rs THR-4C Thunder[22]
Ceres Metals Model 666 w/ Guardian ECM Marauder, Pegasus
Shipped to Sian for Raven[12]
Ceres Metals Model 668 Shipped to Sian for Assassin[citation needed]
Ceres Metals Model 686 w/Guardian ECM Ostroc[citation needed]
Endicott Type 22 Maser [citation needed]
Endicott Type 28 Maser TR-13G Transit[25]
Hellespont TiteBeam Gùn[27]
Targeting-Tracking System
Apple Churchill 2000 w/Beagle Probe and TAG Shipped to Sian for Raven, Firestarter and Men Shen[citation needed]
Apple Churchill 2000 Shipped to Sian for Assassin[citation needed] and Gùn[27]
Apple Churchill 2000 w/442x TAG Shipped to Sian for Sha Yu[citation needed]
C-Apple Churchill Vindicator,[21] TSG-9H Ti Ts'ang,[15] TSG-9DDC Ti Tsang,[16] THR-4C Thunder[22] and Yao Lien[23]
Dwyerson Mark XI [citation needed]
Dwyerson Mark XII TR-11 Transit,[20] TR-13G Transit[25] and Snake[20]
Dwyerson Upgrade Multitask Version 3 Defiance[14]
Guardian ECM
Apple Churchill Golden Shield [citation needed]
Narc Missile Beacon
Apple Churchill Guiding Light Raven[12]
Small X-Pulse Laser
Ceres Arms Model JX TSG-9DDC Ti Tsang[16]
Medium Laser
Ceres Arms TR-11 Transit[12]
Shipped to Sian for Raven[12]
Medium Pulse Laser
Ceres Arms THR-4C Thunder[22]
Ceres Arms Model W Vindicator[12][21] and Warhammer
Shipped to Grand Base for Cataphract[12]
ER Medium Laser
Diverse Optics TSG-9DDC Ti Tsang[16]
Medium X-Pulse Laser
Ceres Arms Model X THR-4C Thunder[22]
Ceres Arms Smasher Shipped to Ares for Manticore[12]
Ceres Arms Warrior Vindicator[12][21] and Marauder
Shipped to Sian for Pillager and to Grand Base for Cataphract[12]
Plasma Rifle
Ceres Arms Crusher Shipped to Grand Base for Cataphract[citation needed]
Snub-Nose PPC
Ceres Arms Thrasher For export[citation needed]
Sian-Ceres Jaguar Vindicator[12] and Thunder[citation needed]
Heavy Machine Gun
Ceres Arms Model 8 Refits and repairs[citation needed]
Light Machine Gun
Ceres Arms Model 6 Shipped to Victoria for Flea[citation needed]


Note: The facility on Indicass, suffers a minimal capital and personnel losses of 22%, and the operating capacity of the factory has a full production volume of 100% in 3079.[10]

Components produced on Indicass[32][33][34][35]
Component Type
Galleon[32][35] Tracked Vehicles
Coolant Truck[citation needed] Wheeled Vehicles
Heavy Wheeled APC[citation needed] Wheeled Vehicles
Hetzer[32][35] Wheeled Vehicles
Mobile HQ[citation needed] Wheeled Vehicles
Predator Tank Destroyer[34] Tracked Vehicles
Swift Wind[32][33][35] Wheeled Vehicles
Wheeled APC[32][35] Wheeled Vehicles
Internal Combustion Engine
GM 40 APC[32]
GM 75 Swift Wind[32]
GM 100 [citation needed]
GM 140 Hetzer[32]
GM 180 Galleon[32]
Fuel cell
Ceres Motors 270 Fuel Cell Predator[34]
Fusion Engine
GTEM 140 Hetzer
Shipped to Sian for Pegasus[citation needed]
VOX 55 [citation needed]
GM 60 Swift Wind[33]
Magna 130 [citation needed]
Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles)
StarSlab-1 Swift Wind[33]
StarSlab-6 Galleon,[32] Hetzer,[32] Swift[32] and APC[32]
Ferro-fibrous Armor
Hellespont Heavy ferro-fibrous Predator[34]
Communications System
CeresCom 8 APC[32]
CeresCom Recon 12K Swift Wind[32][33]
Magna-VOX KS2525 Predator[34]
Maxell 500 [citation needed]
Maxell 550 [citation needed]
Targeting-Tracking System
Ceres Bullseye Shipped to Capella and Warlock for Ostroc[32] and Marauder[32]
Magna-VOX TTS4000 Predator[34]
Maxell TA50 [citation needed]
I-Bal Mark 3 Swift Wind[33]
Small Laser
Jackson 12 Galleon[32]
Shipped to Warlock for Cossack[citation needed]
Crusher SH Cannon Hetzer[32]
LB 20-X AC
Mydron Devastator Predator[34]
Machine Gun
Sperry Browning APC[32]
Shipped to St. Ives for Phoenix Hawk[citation needed]


Components produced on Lockton[36][37]
Component Type
Firebee[36] Primitive Light BattleMech
Icarus[36] Primitive Light BattleMech
Ostwar[36] Primitive Light BattleMech
GN-2O Gùn[27] Light OmniMech (produced since 3134)[38]
Zahn Heavy Transport[37] Wheeled Vehicles (produced since 3108)[39]
Fuel cell
Ceres Motors 305 Fuel Cell Zahn[37]
Ferro-fibrous Armor
Durallex Heavy ferro-fibrous Zahn[37]
Communications System
CeresCom Model 74-N Zahn[37]
Targeting-Tracking System
Ceres/Maladev 5 w/TAG Zahn[37]
Doombud Zahn[37]
Ceres Fire Flower Zahn[37]


Note: The facility on Menke, suffers no losses of capital and personnel, and have a full production volume of 100% in 3079.[10]

Components produced on Menke[37][40][41][42]
Component Type
Po[40] Tracked Vehicles
Po II[43] Tracked Vehicles
Po (HV)[41][42] Tracked Vehicles
Zahn Heavy Transport[37] Wheeled Vehicles (produced since 3108)[44]
Internal Combustion Engine
Ceres 240 ICE Po[40]
Fuel cell
Ceres 240 Fuel Cell Po (HV)[42]
Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles)
Ceres Nemean Hardened Po (HV)[42]
Starshield Type V Po[40]
Communications System
CeresCom Model 37-P Po[40] & Po (HV)[42]
Targeting-Tracking System
Ceres Maladev 3 Po[40] & Po (HV)[42]
Ceres Arms Model T Class Po[40]
Hyper-Velocity Autocannon/10
Ceres Arms Model Z Po (HV)[42]
Streak SRM-6
Sian/Ceres Stalking Cougar Po (HV)[42]
Machine Gun
Maxi Mini Po[40]


Note: Due to a chronic shortage of PPCs in the Free Worlds League, Marik had signed a risky deal around 3025 with Liao to procure 500 PPCs from the Ceres Metal plant on Sarna.[45]


Note: The facility on Sian, suffers a capital and personnel losses of 47%, and the operating capacity of the factory has a production volume of 90% in 3079.[10]

Components produced on Sian
Component Type
THR-2L Thunder[46] (replaced by Lao Hu) Heavy BattleMech
LHU-2B Lao Hu[47] Heavy BattleMech

St. Ives[edit]

Note: The facility on St. Ives, suffers a heavy capital and personnel losses of 85%, and the operating capacity of the factory has a production volume of 45% in 3079.[10]

Components produced on St. Ives[48][49][50][51]
Component Type
BJ-3 Blackjack[52] Medium BattleMech
PXH-4L Phoenix Hawk[35][49] Medium BattleMech
PXH-5L Phoenix Hawk[35][50] Medium BattleMech
THR-2L Thunder[35] Heavy BattleMech
TR-XB Trebaruna[51] Assault BattleMech
BJ2-0 Blackjack[35] OmniMech
Po[48] Tracked Vehicles
Po II[35] Tracked Vehicles
Ceresplex IV Endo Steel Phoenix Hawk 4L[50] and Phoenix Hawk 5L[50]
NOS Rev 7-ETS Quad Trebaruna[51]
Internal Combustion Engine
Ceres 240 ICE Po[48]
Fusion Engine
GM 180 BJ-2 Blackjack[53]
Pitban 285 Trebaruna[51]
PlasmaStar 270 Phoenix Hawk 5L[50]
Warner 270M Phoenix Hawk 4L[49]
Extralight Fusion Engine
Magna 350 XL THR-1L Thunder[31]
Nissan 200 XL [citation needed]
Jump Jets
Anderson Propulsion 30 Blackjack, Phoenix Hawk 4L[49] and Phoenix Hawk 5L[50]
Improved Jump Jets
Chilton 950 Trebaruna[51]
Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles)
Ceres Stealth Phoenix Hawk 4L[49] and[50]
Ceres Heavy Stealth Pillager and Thunder
Shipped to Warlock for Marauder and Thunder
Durallex Heavy w/CASE Trebaruna[51]
Starshield Blackjack[citation needed]
Starshield Type V Po[48]
Communications System
CeresCom Model 21-RS Blackjack and Thunder[citation needed]
CeresCom Model 686 w/Guardian ECM Phoenix Hawk 4L[49] and[50]
CeresCom Model 37-P Po[48]
Ceres SuperComm 3 Shipped to Warlock for Helios[citation needed]
Hartford JEQ-5 Trebaruna[51]
Targeting-Tracking System
C-Apple Churchill Thunder, Blackjack, Victor and Pillager[citation needed]
Apple Churchill 2000 Phoenix Hawk 4L[49] and[50]
Ceres Maladeva 3 Po[48]
Shipped to Indicass for Hetzer[citation needed]
Orion Suretrak XVII w/Targeting Computer Trebaruna[51]
Gauss Rifle
Imperator Dragon's Fire Trebaruna[51]
Plasma Rifle
Ceres Arms Crusher Phoenix Hawk 5L[50]
Ceres Arms Model T Po[48] and Emperor[citation needed]
Medium Laser
Ceres Arms Blackjack and Pillager
Shipped to Indicass for Galleon[citation needed]
ER Medium Laser
Ceres Arms Phoenix Hawk 4L[49] and[50]
Medium Pulse Laser
Ceres Arms Model W Warhammer
Shipped to Indicass for Galleon[citation needed]
ER Large Laser
Martell Phoenix Hawk 4L[49]
Light PPC
Moscovia Trebaruna[51]
Ceres Arms Smasher Blackjack
Shipped to Warlock for Marauder[citation needed]
Ceres Metals Industries Warrior ER PPC - Pillager and Warhammer[citation needed]
Sian-Ceres Cougar [citation needed]
Machine Gun
Sperry Browning Phoenix Hawk 4L[49]
Maxi Mini Po[48]


The facility is situated in Arano Bay.[54]

Components produced on Tikonov[55][56]
Component Type
Minion[55] Hovercraft
Morningstar[56] Wheeled Vehicles
Fusion Engine
Nissan 95 Minion[55]
Extralight Fusion Engine
VOX 280 XL Morningstar[56]
Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles)
Durallex Light Minion[55]
Durallex Standard Morningstar[56]
Communications System
Overlook J-9 w/ C3 slave Minion[55]
Overlook J11 w/ C3 master computer Morningstar[56]
Targeting-Tracking System
Brightstar 17 Mk.II Minion[55] and Morningstar[56]
Medium Pulse Laser
Ceres Arms Model W Morningstar[56]
Defiance P5M Minion[55]
Mydron Excel Morningstar[56]
Machine Gun
Slingshot Morningstar[56]


During the Jihad, Ceres Metals ran a small factory that specialized in RetroTech designs on Ward. This factory, though vital for the Confederation's defense during the crisis, was shut down in 3079.[57]

Components produced on Ward[57]
Component Type
Rifleman[57] Heavy BattleMech
Helepolis[57] Heavy BattleMech
Emperor[57] Assault BattleMech


Note: The facility on Warlock, suffers a capital and personnel losses of 39%, and the operating capacity of the factory has a production volume of 79% in 3079.[10] In 3080 the plant was completely destroyed by a nuclear weapon detonated by terrorists.[58]

Components produced on Warlock[59][60][61]
Component Type
C-SK1 Cossack[59][61] Light BattleMech
MAD-5L Marauder[61] Heavy BattleMech
MAD-6L Marauder[61] Heavy BattleMech
HEL-3D Helios[60][61] Heavy BattleMech
HEL-4A Helios[60][61] Heavy BattleMech
OSR-4L Ostroc[61] Heavy BattleMech
BJ2-O Blackjack[61] Medium OmniMech
Minion[61] Hovercraft
Morningstar[61] Wheeled Vehicles
Taijian Series X Endo Steel Cossack[59]
Ceresplex Ostroc Lite Endo Steel Ostroc[citation needed]
Overlord Mk.3 Endo Steel Helios[60]
Ceres Marauder Lite Marauder[citation needed]
Alshain 50 Endo Steel Blackjack[citation needed]
Fusion Engine
Pitban 240 Helios[60]
Shipped to Sian for Stinger[citation needed]
Nissan 95 Minion[citation needed]
Extralight Fusion Engine
Nissan 200 XL Blackjack[citation needed]
Hermes 120 XL Cossack[59]
Jump Jets
Pitban LFT-65 Cossack[59]
Swingline X-1200 Helios[60]
Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles)
ArcShield VII Mk. 6 Cossack[59]
Starshield Blackjack[citation needed]
Taijian StarShield II Helios[60]
Communications System
Ceres SuperComm 3 Helios[60]
Endicott Type 22 Maser Cossack[59]
Overlook J-9 w/ C3 slave Minion[citation needed]
Targeting-Tracking System
Wentland Cyber-Track Cossack[59]
Wentland Giga-Track Helios[60]
ER Medium Laser
Ceres Arms Helios,[60]Ostroc and Marauder
Ceres Arms Warrior Marauder and Helios[60]
Plasma Rifle
Ceres Arms Crusher Marauder[citation needed]


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