Cesar Magsombol

Cesar Magsombol
Born 5 January 1951[1]
Occupation Artist

Cesar Magsombol is an artist with a substantial body of work as an animation artist.

He is credited for letters, pencil and ink in the Blackthorne BattleTech (Comic series) issues #5, A Sense of Foreboding, and #6, The Nature of War (with Pat Zircher credited for the script). In these stories the depictions of various BattleTech spacecraft, namely the Union-class DropShip Faultless, a JumpShip (apparently Invader-class) and what looks like an Olympus-class space station are easily recognizable, while the depictions of various BattleMechs and ground vehicles diverges significantly from their established appearance, unlike other issues of the comic series. Cesar Magsombol may have had a sourcebook on BattleTech spacecraft available as a source but none on 'Mechs or vehicles.

He was an animation artist (model designer) for BattleTech: The Animated Series which aired in 1994.[2]

He is also credited as a storyboard artist for 13 episodes of the 1993 Exosquad TV series.[3]