Affiliation Clan Jade Falcon
Profession Star Colonel

Cewers was commander of the Jade Falcons' Peregrine Solahma Cluster as of early 3053. He held the rank of Star Colonel.[1]


Cewers was a MechWarrior who had survived numerous near-fatal incidents in the course of his career. By 3053, he bore several marks of these narrow escapes: he had to conceal his facial scars with a mask and both of his legs had been rebuilt with myomer.

His superiors in the Falcon touman viewed him as being merely lucky, not talented, and so Cewers was never able to advance far. He served as commander of the Jade Falcons' Iota Galaxy for a short time, prior to Operation Revival, but some unrecorded event resulted in his being posted to the Peregrine Solahma with a demotion.[2]

He was a warrior cursed to have survived into old age. His scarred face covered by a mask and both legs made of myomer replacements.[3]


He piloted a Warhammer IIC.[3]


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