Chalice of Herne

The sacred Chalice of Herne was an ancient artifact from old Terra. On the Federated Suns world of Ander's Moon it had become the symbol of Dukedom and an important ritual device by 3024, as it had become custom that the new Duke of Ander's Moon is anointed with oil from this Chalice at his inauguration.

The Chalice of Herne was stolen from Castle Vandenburg by the Dark Wing in early March 3024, as part of Operation Inroad, and Duke Cameron Vandenburg of Ander's Moon was killed in the process. His heir, Gideon Braver Vandenburg, was framed for the attack and had to flee Ander's Moon; he subsequently created his own mercenary unit, the Blazing Aces, and set out to recover the Chalice. Within five years he had located its whereabouts on a world in the Draconis Combine. The Blazing Aces defeated the defending Dark Wing and reclaimed the Chalice which they triumphantly returned to Ander's Moon.

Gideon Braver wielding the Chalice

There is no detailed description of the exact size or appearance of the Chalice of Herne. A picture at the conclusion of the game (when the Chalice has been reclaimed) shows Gideon Braver wielding a jeweled golden goblet.


The Chalice of Herne is a pivotal element in the backstory for the MechWarrior computer game. The game and its storyline are apocryphal (see section about canonicity in that article). They are expressly not included among the list of canonical sources for the BattleTech universe, but at the same time it has been said that information from certain sources including this game "can be assumed to be part of the shared universe if it makes sense, until contradicted." MechWarrior in particular is one of the computer games where the storyline is widely treated as canonical.

The demise of the Blazing Aces and the death of Gideon Braver were later narrated in another equally apocryphal game (BattleTech: The Crescent Hawks' Revenge) between missions. Much content from the Crescent Hawks games was fully canonized, including their general storylines; it remains unclear if this means by extension that Gideon Braver and the Blazing Aces, who feature in this storyline, were thus also canonized.