Chameleon Light Polarization Shield

The Chameleon Light Polarization Shield is a BattleMech stealth system developed by the Terran Hegemony in 2630 alongside the Null Signature System.[1]


The Chameleon system was designed to make a 'Mech invisible to the naked eye. By using a primitive mimetic system, the outline of the 'Mech carrying it was broken up, blending into the surrounding terrain. The Chameleon was very effective because unlike the Null Signature System it worked against sensor systems and visual observation.[2]

As one of the key technology advances of the Terran Hegemony and Star League, the Chameleon LPS was jealously guarded. It was never deployed in large numbers, appearing only on one variant of the Exterminator used by the Star League Defense Force Royal Divisions. (The Chameleon may have been installed on one or more versions of the Spector, or retrofitted into 'Mechs used by the SLDF Special Armed Services units however.) ComStar used the few Chameleon LPS systems they had to develop the Mimetic Armor used by the Purifier Adaptive battlesuit. Later, the Word of Blake would use the technology of the Chameleon LPS, Null Signature System, and Stealth Armor to develop their Void Signature System.[2]

Though several Exterminators equipped with the CLPS were a part of the Exodus, the Clans saw it as a dishonorable tool used by inferior warriors and mothballed it.

Rule Summary[edit]

Game Rules[edit]

The Chameleon Light Polarization Shield can only be mounted in BattleMechs. It doesn't weigh a great deal but is bulky. When activated, it generates heat and makes the 'Mech harder to hit. As it was designed at the same time as the Null Signature System the CLPS can be used in conjunction with the Null Signature System.[2] (In this case all bonuses and penalties stack together.)

As the precursor technology to Stealth Armor and Void Signature System, the Chameleon LPS uses a completely different design philosophy and mechanism that is incompatible with those systems. (The primary difference is that the CLPS doesn't require a Guardian ECM suite to function.) Therefore units mounting a CLPS cannot be used in conjunction with Stealth Armor or a Void Signature System.[2]


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