Chandra Ling

Chandra Ling.jpg
Chandra Ling
Born 2963
Died 3036
Affiliation House Ling
Profession Duchess of Sarna
Director of the Maskirovka

Chandra Ling (born 2963[1] - died 3036) - Early 31st Century House Liao noblewoman and spy master. She is the Duchess of Sarna and Prefectress of Sarna.

She is also member of the Prefectorate, which part of the six person governing body of the Confederation.

Brief Character History[edit]

Early Character History[edit]

Chandra Ling is the last of a long line of a ruling noble family which was nearly wiped out by the Succession Wars. She is an effective leader of the House Liao's intelligence agency, which she given after assisting in elimination of Maximilian Liao's father, Tormax Liao, from the Chancellorship.

Davion Marriage & Fourth Succession War[edit]

Despite her age, she was still an effective Director of the Maskirovka, however she began to fall as Justin Xiang's star ascended in 3027.


She was victim of Chancellor Romano Liao's purges of the Maskirovka when she ascended to the throne in April 3036.[citation needed]

Character Notes[edit]

Chandra Ling was godmother of Maximilian Liao's son Tormana Liao[2]

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Director of the Maskirovka
???? – 30??

Succeeded by
Tsen Shang


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