Chantal Jackson

Chantal Jackson
AffiliationMagistracy of Canopus[1]

Chantal Jackson was a major in command of Second Battalion, McClure's Hive.[1]


Chantal Jackson was a MechWarrior in the Magistracy Armed Forces who was assigned a new WSP-3L Wasp in 3068. Along with several others in the MAF, she grew disillusioned with the increasing ties between the Magistracy and Capellan Confederation. After discussing the matter with Major Elliria McClure, she elected to defect and in 3069 two reinforced battalions' worth of other MAF members and Dispossessed formed McClure's Hive on Herotitus. Jackson was made the executive officer and commander of Second Battalion. During a subsequent contract on Diik in the Calderon Protectorate, pirates staged a raid on the Protectorate Arms Conglomerate. Jackson led her worker company to locate the landing zone and then harried their DropShips until they boosted for orbit without their pirate crew. Jackson set an ambush for the pirate 'Mechs expecting to return to their vessels and exterminated the pirate force, but at the cost of two lances.[1]


Jackson piloted a WSP-3L Wasp.[1]


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