Chaos Campaign Scenario: The Christmas Eve Coup

Shrapnel Cover (Issue 7).jpg
Chaos Campaign Scenario: The Christmas Eve Coup
Story information
Author Eric Salzman
Pages 6
Type Scenario
Product Shrapnel Issue 7
Era Civil War Era
Timeline 24 December 3060

The Christmas Eve Coup is a Track-style scenario by Eric Salzman that was published in Shrapnel Issue 7 on 15 December 2021.

Plot summary[edit]

In framing text, Magestrix Emma Centrella sits alone on Christmas Eve 3061 and mourns her daughter, Danai Centrella and her friend Protector Jeffrey Calderon - both of whom had recently died. Trying to drown her sorrows in wine, she sleeps and dreams of the events of a year prior, when President Sherman Maltin took her and Jeffrey hostage with the help of the Colonial Marshals.

In her dream, however, she had not sent her guards offworld as a demonstration of peaceful intent, and the Green Mountain Boys and Ebon Magistrate rallied to her defense against the renegade lawmen.

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