Charles Davion (23rd c.)

This article is about the Federated Suns politician. For the Davion-class WarShip, see Charles Davion (Individual Davion-class WarShip).
Charles Davion
Character Profile
Born 2275[1]
Died 2340[1]
Affiliation House Davion
Profession President
Parents Jerome Davion (father)
Jennifer DuVall (mother)
Siblings Lucien Davion
Louis Davion

Charles Davion was a pre–Age of War Politician and the second President of the Federated Suns.[1]

Character Personality and Noted Traits[edit]

Charles was a power hungry, arrogant, quick-tempered, and energetic man, but he was also easily manipulated by his brother, Louis. He was also noted for being handsome and charismatic.


The Snake in Sheep's Clothing and Ascendance into Power[edit]

Charles is son of pre–Federated Suns New Avalon ambassador Jerome Davion and Jennifer DuVall, daughter of then Prime Minister Nathan DuVall; he is one of three brothers who became important in early politics in FedSuns' early history.[2][3] Prior to his brother Lucien stepping down from office, he fell under tutelage of his more manipulative brother, Louis. He became as skilled and charming politician as his brother Lucien, however looks were deceiving.

Once his brother had stepped down from office, he acted quickly with Louis' aid. Charles sweeps the election for President and Prime Minister of New Avalon in 2332. Once he won the elections, he showed his true colors to the dismay of many. He named his brother Louis his chief deputy of his office.

Reforms and Cementing of Power[edit]

He began with reform of the Federated Suns' military structure by amending the Crucis Pact. Originally in the document, the Suns' member worlds would contribute troops and other resources to specify military mission where a commander is named. Due to Conflict over the Muskegon renegade worlds with Chesterton Trade Federation and other minor conflicts showed this organized military didn't work. Charles implemented permanent standing military. Calling them the Federated Peacekeeping Forces, or FPF, he had them organized, equipped, trained, and commanded from a central authority. Giving them matériel and men needed to react to the needs of its member worlds.[3] Charles aside from instituted ranks and training, he also had his new army would undergo intensive focus the troops training and indoctrination to focus their loyalties and pride on the Federated Suns. Breaking them troops from having higher loyalties to their individual member worlds, giving sense of unity. However, Charles also through backroom politics, ensured that Avalonians were made into senior officers.

During the time of the Military's reorganization, Charles' "other" reforms took place in backrooms of the capital. Slowly, the reforms initiated changeover of the date-to-day operations which the established High Council of the Federated Suns normally controlled. Creating a new bureaucracy which would by design, ensure the Davion scions would continue to rule the Suns in centuries to come.[2]

Legacy of the 2nd President[edit]

During his eight year presidency, pushing for his ideas among the member worlds and settling interworld disputes. Things began slowly change as his brother Louis died in 2337. With no children of his own, and his fourth brother, Joseph's health failing. He began to see need for heir to continue the brother's legacy. He named his late brother Lucien's son, Reynard to post be elected Deputy Prime Minister.[4]

During a meeting of the High Council, Charles, suffered a heart attack as he was informing them of sending troops to strengthen the Chesterton border.[2]


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