Charles Farabaugh

Charles Farabaugh
Character Profile
Born 29 December 3075
Affiliation Tooth of Ymir
Rank Lieutenant[1]
Profession MechWarrior

Charles Farabaugh was an officer with the Tooth of Ymir, killed during the Word of Blake Jihad.


Charles fought with the Tooth at least once against Clan Jade Falcon forces, taking down – at least he said so – a Cougar OmniMech. He took it as legitimate salvage, making it his own. As it was a birdlike 'Mech and it was blackened when he captured it, he named it Black Condor.[2]

On 28 December 3075, Charles was a lieutenant and for a time had commanded Charlie Lance, which was dubbed "Cacophony Lance" for Charles' habit of putting music mixes on the frequencies they used. That day, they were aboard the Tooth of Ymir DropShip, Firebrand, which was about to make landfall on Galatea, to fight Word of Blake planetary forces. Charles Farabaugh was speaking with his lance members, Kevin Gurski, Maria Peltergast and Paramar, all in their 'Mechs. Gurski complained about Charles' music, and the others questioned Black Condor's name and Charles' history of how he captured it. Their discussion was interrupted by his commanding officer, Captain Brandon Shadwell, who made Charles cut off his music, before ordering them to the command post when they landed.[3]

Soon after, Cacophony Lance was at the command post, where Major Ivan Petrov informed them of their mission: to infiltrate the Blakist lines and destroy an Arrow IV battery ammo depot supposedly containing with nukes, before the Blakists could use them.

Despite Petrov's reassuring words about other lances supporting them, the lance knew it was almost a suicide mission.

On 29 December, Charlie led his lance towards enemy territory. After crossing a devastated suburban area, they crested a hill, locating Blakist forces too strong for them. Charlie informed his superiors, but they ordered him to attack anyway.[4]

Farabaugh, right before the fight began, slotted a data chip of music labeled "Last Flight", and when the music began playing, they attacked. During Cacophony's first fight, against a Stinger and a Hussar, Charlie used only his lasers, preserving his missiles. Thanks to a Tooth of Ymir air attack, they managed to advance, but Paramar was damaged by a pair of hovercraft and was forced to retreat. Peltergast fell next, leaving only Gurski and Charlie. After fighting a pair of Grand Titans, Gurski, with his dying 'Mech, drew them away, leaving Farabaugh alone.

Charlie charged with Black Condor, getting inside the Blakist base, using his missiles to ignite ammo stores, one after another. The 'Mech burst through a wall, and one of the Grand Titans returned, shooting at him. Farabaugh shot at anything inside the base: enemy turrets, command vehicles, Arrow IV launchers... but soon he couldn't take much more: Black Condor was dying, and Charlie finally located the nuke depots, ramming them with his limping 'Mech. A final salvo of lasers destroyed the nukes.

Charlie, after Black Condor finally fell, thought about his lance members, wondering if any of them could be alive. The music was coming to an end and Farabaugh send a message of farewell right before the final explosions reached him.[5]


After Charlie's death, the Black Condor's remains were found, and its BattleROM recordings proved his heroic sacrifice and how this saved countless thousands of Galatea's civilians. In 3122, in Galatea's Museum of the Jihad, a display including Farabaugh's music data chip explained his feat, honoring him and his lance.[6]


Charles piloted a Cougar OmniMech called Black Condor during his final battle.[7]



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