Charles Marik (23rd c.)

Charles Marik
Character Profile
Born 2175[1]
Died 2251
Affiliation House Marik
Profession Senator;
Duke of the Marik Commonwealth
Children Alonzo Marik
Detlev Marik

Charles Marik was a politician and the founder of the Republic of Marik.


Terran Alliance Senator[edit]

Originally a successful businessman as part of the Marik Clan's interstellar conglomerate, Charles became a senator for Marik. Through his years in the Terran Alliance senate, his most noted event was his reaction to the violence in the colonies.

This event provided an opportunity for Charles, when the Outer Reaches Rebellion broke out in 2235. He had warned his fellow senators that a lack of political flexibility in handling the violence in the colonies would lead to trouble.[2]

After the elections, the Terran Alliance government in 2237 ordered the military to pull out of the colonies. Seeing that the winds of change were blowing, Charles decided Marik would be better off with the elements of the rebellion and declared Marik independent a year later.[3]


On Marik, Charles maneuvered behind the scenes to assert his framework for planetary government. He conducted backroom deals that prevented his rivals from instituting a strong central government under the guidelines of the Klondyke Constitution. By 2241, he had outmaneuvered the pro-business agenda of Klondyke's backer, Marik Senator Allard Karsegian, though bribery.[3]

The signing of the Marik Constitution marked the formation of the four-world nation, the Republic of Marik. Now leader of the Republic, he began a series of talks to gather other worlds to join the Republic. After four years of failed diplomatic exchanges, Charles still felt strongly about how his nation needed to use a military campaign to bring these worlds under the Republic heel in 2245. He and his sons began such a campaign. In its first year, Charles's forces captured the world of Atreus. With the capture of this planet, Charles's alliance remade itself into Marik Commonwealth. He and his sons continued offensives that brought twenty worlds under the aegis of the Commonwealth by 2271.[3] During the course of the campaign, Charles retired and turned the title of Duke over to his son, Detlev.[4]

Family & Legacy[edit]

Charles had two sons, Alonzo and Detlev. His granddaughter Marianne Marik's marriage and children would lead to the formation of the Free Worlds League.[5]

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Terran Alliance Senator of Marik

Succeeded by
Preceded by
Ruler of the Republic of Marik

Succeeded by
Preceded by
Duke of the Marik Commonwealth

Succeeded by
Detlev Marik

Character Notes[edit]

In his early years, Charles was publicly shy and unassuming, however, he was a political maverick who applied his skills aggressively to get what he wanted.[3]


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