Charles Seneca

Charles Seneca 3052.jpg
Charles Seneca
Born 2998
Died 3054
Affiliation ComStar
Rank Precentor ROM

Charles Seneca (born 2998 – died 3054, aged 56 years) was Precentor ROM during the bulk of Myndo Waterly's reign as Primus of ComStar and the Clan Invasion.


Early life[edit]

Born on the Free Worlds League world of Laureles into a minor noble family renowned for producing MechWarriors and AeroSpace Fighter pilots, Charles Seneca grew up with a marked distaste for the military, which caused a large rift between him and his father. The arguments and quarrels over his future career became so bad that Charles left home before completing his secondary education, until an official of SAFE, the League's intelligence agency, brokered a compromise where by Charles joined the organization, a decision agreeable to both father and son. Little is known about Charles activities as a member of SAFE, save that most of his assignments were in the Lyran Commonwealth and that they earned him lands and money from the Marik government in 3023.[1]

Service with ComStar[edit]

Charles Seneca entered ComStar in 3027 where his talents were well received in the Blessed Order's intelligence agency ROM. In 3032 Primus Myndo Waterly appointed him as ROM chief for the Lyran Commonwealth to oversee all ROM activity in that realm. In this capacity Seneca oversaw efforts to counteract the Lyran Intelligence Corps attempts to purge ROM agents. When the Federated Suns launched their own purge of ROM under the codename of Operation Flush in 3034, Primus Waterly appointed him to head up a task-force of upper ROM agents to respond to this threat as well.[1]

Primarily in the role of Precentor ROM to oversee the expansion of the Order's hidden Com Guards, Anastasius Focht's preference to launch a war of confusion against the Steiner-Davion purges were a direct counterpoint to Seneca's more direct assassination tactics, tactics preferred by the fiery Waterly. To this end Primus Waterly proposed the Readjustment Act of 3035 in December 3035 to the First Circuit, separating the Com Guards from ROM and naming Focht as the first Precentor Martial of ComStar, while entrusting control of the intelligence arm and the title of Precentor ROM to Seneca. At Waterly's prompting Seneca stepped up the tempo of the conflict, and though ultimately FLUSH would conclude in 3044 as a bloody stalemate, the Primus heralded Seneca's efforts. [2]

The rest of Seneca's tenure as Precentor ROM was relatively quiet until the maelstrom of the Clan Invasion and Waterly's Operation SCORPION, tasked by the Primus with the planning and execution of the Inner Sphere-wide operation. While deeply unhappy with what he was required to do, Seneca remained loyal to the Primus and carried out his duty. After Waterly's death and the sundering of ROM in the ComStar Schism, Charles Seneca died in 3054 a broken man. [3]

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Anastasius Focht
Precentor ROM of Comstar

Succeeded by
Victoria Parrdeau

Portrait Gallery[edit]


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