Charon (Individual Nagasawa-class DropShip)

Charon (Individual Nagasawa-class DropShip)
Vessel Profile
Type DropShip
Class Nagasawa


Launched in 3132, the Nagasawa-class DropShip Charon was constructed by Clan Sea Fox and served within the Alpha Aimag of the Tiburon Khanate.[1]

Despite serving in the Clan region of the Inner Sphere, the Charon's service was initially quiet, but the Charon still managed to go through three commanding officers by 3145. The most notable captain of the Charon proved to be Star Colonel Alexis, who originally viewed the Charon as a dead-end posting but who resolved to find a way to enter the Charon into trials. Alexis continued to push, coming up with more and more extreme options, until he was finally able to put the Charon into a Trial against a Scytha heavy OmniFighter by bidding the Charon down to just a single PPC.[1]

Alexis and the Charon were victorious in that Trial, and the reputation - or notoriety - gained as a result brought new challengers looking to test themselves against them both. Soon, Alexis was taking the Charon into Trials against other DropShips or even complete Stars of AeroSpace Fighters; it was originally believed that when Alexis was promoted, the Charon would run out of luck - but Charon has continued to win successes against all challengers.[1]


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