The Chatterweb is the communication network designed by Clan Sea Fox. It is essentially the Clan's version of the Internet.


The Chatterweb was created by the merchants of Clan Sea Fox under Khan Karen Nagasawa's direction shortly after Operation KLONDIKE for the purpose of gaining and exchanging information. At first this was mercantile in nature but soon military intelligence also became a product of the network. The first instance of the latter was when Sea Fox warriors were able to use information acquired by their merchants to win a Trial of Possession against Clan Coyote for Delios. Later Sea Fox technicians and scientists learned of the Coyotes' OmniMech program via the Chatterweb, enabling them to offer their assistance and thus gain early access to these machines.[1] [2] [3]

Ironically the Chatterweb also contributed to the near-demise of Clan Sea Fox's totem and their name change. After easily defeating a Clan Snow Raven attack on Priori using intelligence gained from the Chatterweb, the Sea Fox defenders boasted of their victory via that medium and insulted the Raven Khan Liam Howell. Howell retaliated by ordering the creation of the diamond shark, an ocean predator that nearly wiped out the sea fox, only for the Foxes to change their Clan's name to that of this new creature.[4]

The Chatterweb remained in use into the mid-31st century and the Jihad, with Clan Diamond Shark expanding the network into the Inner Sphere Occupation Zones.[5] [6] [7] [8] The Society used it as a means of underground communication, as did anti-Ghost Bear dissidents in the Ghost Bear Dominion.[9] [10]

Clan Sea Fox maintained its Diamond Shark precursor's Chatterweb network during the 32nd century. In mid-3152, twenty years after the Blackout crippled the Inner Sphere's HPG network, the Sea Foxes apparently succeeded in restoring Alyina's HPG to active service, sending it a Sea Fox Chatterweb welcome message from Twycross.[11]


Within Clan Diamond Shark the merchant caste, who constantly monitor the Chatterweb, are able to provide their warriors with some of the most accurate information in the Clans, giving the warriors an advantage in target selection for Trials.[12]

It is noted for having a regular and underground channel for communications. Any unClan-like communications can be wiped clean.[1]


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