Chippewa IIC

Chippewa IIC
Production information
Manufacturer Industriplex MC2
Production Year 2860
Model Unknown
Class Heavy aerospace fighter
Tech Base Clan
Technical specifications
Mass 90 tons
Structural Integrity 9
Frame Bowie 50 CM Mod A
Power Plant Consolidated Fusion 270
Armor Compound XAS Ferro-Aluminum
Fuel 400 - 5 tons
Communications System Rander 200
Tracking & Targeting System Rander TAS
Heat Sinks 25 double heat sinks
BV (2.0) 3,431


Developed as an aerospace superiority fighter intended to give the lighter Clan Mongoose touman hard-hitting firepower against orbital, air and ground targets, the Chippewa IIC was used by Clan Mongoose during the Golden Century.[1][2]

The fortunes of the Chippewa IIC were inexorably tied to that of its Clan. Its finest hour was its last, savaging the lighter Clan Smoke Jaguar fighter cover during the Mongoose Trial of Absorption over Circe and proving instrumental in the Quicksilver Mongooses defeat of the Jaguar flagship Obsidian. Despite its success, Clan Smoke Jaguar were so disgusted by the Mongooses they were content to let assets such as this powerful fighter fade away. In spite of persistent rumors of a handful of airframes in Dark Caste hands, the Chippewa IIC was completely extinct by 3049.[1][2]


Keeping with the heavy-hitting role of the original Inner Sphere fighter, the IIC version mated an advanced targeting computer to four wing-mounted Series 6b ER large lasers, twin nose-mounted Series 2b ER medium lasers, and a pair of Series 1 ER small lasers that covered the aft arc. This firepower was supplemented by a Pattern JX Streak SRM-4 and a pair of Artemis IV-enhanced Type XV "Crossbow" LRM-15 launchers mounted in the nose. The fighter was clad in 13.5 tons of Compound XAS ferro-aluminum armor, and CASE protected the Chippewa IIC against ammunition explosions. 25 double heat sinks kept the fighter's heat low.[2][3]


  • Chippewa IIC
    A slight variation which drops the ER large lasers and ER medium lasers for four large pulse lasers and two medium pulse lasers, swapping the Streak launcher for an Artemis enhanced SRM-6 launcher. Even with the removal of the targeting computer, the extra weight required for the pulse lasers forced the removal of six and half tons of armor, leaving the Chippewa IIC 2 with armor protection more in keeping with a light rather than a heavy fighter.

Related aerospace fighters[edit]

  • Chippewa - Clan Mongoose's Chippewa IIC was based on the venerable and capable Chippewa aerospace fighter.


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