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Logo of Chloe's Cavaliers
Nik's Cavaliers
Formed 3005[1]
Previous Designation(s) Chloe's Cavaliers[2]
Affiliation Mercenary
Parent Command Independent

Chloe's Cavaliers were a mercenary unit that formed in 3005 under the command of Chloe Reed.[1]


Raman II[edit]

The command conducted an operation on Raman II where they recovered a CN9-A Centurion BattleMech from a ruined factory.[3]

De Berry Massacre[edit]

In 3015 an unknown force assaulted Cavalier Base on De Berry Prime effectively destroying the unit.[3]

Niks's Cavaliers were one of many independent mercenary commands under long term contract with Interstellar Expeditions. Upon hearing rumors of the LosTech equipped-Corsair FrankenMech piloted by Oberon Confederation MechWarrior Jake Kalmar, IE contracted the Cavaliers to hunt down the pirate leader and discover the truth.[4]

Following a long march of JumpShip passage into the Periphery, the Cavaliers began hunting down Kalmar's band and his 95-ton Ravager. After many months of tracking and several bloody skirmishes, the Cavaliers finally pushed him back and confronted Kalmar in his home port on the frozen moon of Sigurd on 11 November 3037. There in a brutal confrontation and aided by their own LosTech equipped BattleMechs, Chloe's Cavaliers were eventually able to defeat and kill Kalmar and lay claim to his Ravager. Despite this, the Cavaliers were never able to undercover the mystery of the Ravager's origins or how Kalmar was able to avoid Hendrik Grimm III laying claim to his 'Mech, the only clue being an unknown planet named Jibbet.[4]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Chloe's Cavaliers
Captain Chloe Reed 3005 - 3013[1][2]
Commanding Officers of Nik's Cavaliers
Nikolai Mason 3013 - 3015[2]



Composition History[edit]


Nik's Cavaliers

Note: At this point in time the unit was stationed on De Berry Prime.[3]


Chloe's Cavaliers appear as a force in the promotional materials produced by Piranha Games Inc. for the Corsair Hero 'Mech in MechWarrior Online and for the MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries video game.

Video games and their storylines do not fall under the current definition of Canon and default to apocryphal, but it has been also said that information from certain sources such as these one can be assumed to be part of the shared universe if it makes sense, until contradicted.

Complicating the issue in this case is that the background stories for MWO Hero 'Mechs was declared fully canonical, which would extend to Chloe's Cavaliers as they are mentioned in the Ravager (Corsair Hero 'Mech) background story; however there is the official caveat that original 'Mechs designs created by PGI and/or HBS are not automatically canonized through Hero 'Mechs, which leaves the canon status of Chloe's Cavaliers up in the air as they were only mentioned in the background story for one such original design.

Since the unit is thus not clearly canonical, it was flagged as apocryphal for the time being.


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