Chris Eck

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Chris Eck
Born 2981[1]
Spouse Laurie Eck
Children Kaylee Eck


Born to engineers on Victoria in the Capellan Confederation, Chris Eck was marked early as a particularly gifted child. Matching early performance was rewarded with the patronage required for him to attend the Sian Center for Martial Disciplines. He graduated in the top fifth percentile and was immediately recommended for the Sian University Officer Candidate Program.[1] [2]

After he passed the strenuous final examination process, he was assigned to a BattleMech unit in a subcommander position. After serving in that position while he was due for promotion, he was instead invited back to the SCMD for advanced courses in the specialized field of BattleMech covert operations. After some time engaged in what he described as "boring activities nobody would want to hear about" he was sent to Solaris VII for the traditional MechWarrior background cleansing. There, he made an unexpected splash by going undefeated in his first tournament, despite joining late and without the backing of a stable.[1] [2]

Immediately after his Solaris career, Eck disappeared into the Rimward Periphery and attracted employment was a mercenary. In October 3000, Eck was a member of Angleton's Angels, stationed on Maldive.[3] During the period of the Arano Civil War Chris Eck would sign on with Markham's Marauders, participating in twelve combat drops and earning a favorable recommendation from the unit's XO Darius Oliveira.[1]

After the conclusion of the Arano Civil War Eck would find himself serving in the Aurigan Coalition's secretive Rampart Company as part of the mopping up efforts.[1]

Philosophical and/or political views[edit]

Eck has a jocular, extroverted personality. He has been noted to tell his life story easily over a couple of beers, with every indication of perfect honesty. When awed rookies ask how he ended up working out in the Periphery as a mercenary, his only answer is, "I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you." His combat record indicates this statement is only partially in jest.[1]


While part of Rampart Company Eck piloted a COM-3A Commando that he acquired via unknown means at some point after he left Markham's Marauders. Named Amarok, the 'Mech previously belonged to undistinguished Solaris gladiator Karl Nettleton, who coincidentally disappeared around the same time Eck appeared at it's controls.[1]


The character Chris Eck is based on the Harebrained Schemes staff member of the same name.


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