Christian Månsdottir

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Christian Månsdottir
Character Profile
Born 2995[1]
Died 31 December 3078[2]
Affiliation House Månsdottir
Rank Galaxy Commander
Title(s) First Lord of the Second Star League
Position Regent Elected Prince
Children Hanssen Månsdottir[3]

Christian Månsdottir (alternative spelling: Månsdotter) was during the course of his life a ranking officer in the LCAF and in the KungsArmé, the Elected Prince Regent of the Free Rasalhague Republic, a First Lord of the Star League and a Galaxy Commander in Clan Ghost Bear.


Early life[edit]

Born on Mozirje and raised in the Lyran Commonwealth, Christian Månsdottir became an officer in the LCAF, but later he requested a transfer to the First Tyr BattleMech Regiment of the Rasalhague government-in-exile and became its commander after helping to liberate the world of Kirchbach.[1]

After the declaration of Rasalhague independence in 3034, Månsdottir was thought to become the head of the reborn Rasalhague state, but then Haakon Magnusson, a Tyr leader, revealed his treaty with ComStar and the Draconis Combine and was chosen as the Elected Prince instead. Månsdottir, while mistrusting the Combine and not agreeing with Magnusson's politics, stepped aside and settled for the rank of a general and the position of the chief of staff.[1]

Together with then Gunji-no-Kanrei Theodore Kurita, Månsdottir successfully defended the young republic in the Ronin War. Not a small part of the success were the Aldis Industries tanks which Månsdottir ordered just before the Ronin War, giving the KungsArmé some of the best conventional forces equipment in the Inner Sphere at bargain prices.[4]

The Quiet before the Storm[edit]

In the relatively peaceful years between 3035 and 3050, General Månsdottir became the Chief-of-Staff of the Command Council of the KungsArmé. He also founded a political party called Motsatt Stalining Parti,[5] informally called Motpart. This party consisted of members of the Riksdag who opposed the Elected Prince or who were once Tyr members from the Lyran Half. He also held the position of the Landtmarskalk (Marshal of the Lands, the First Estate director) in the Riksdag since 3042. Being suspicious of the Draconis Combine and fearing that the Kuritans will return one day to claim their lost worlds, the Motpart sought closer relations with the Federated Commonwealth, which Månsdottir and his followers see as the only guarantor of Rasalhague's independence.[4]

Since the Elected Prince Haakon Magnusson is a politician first, he had only little interest in the armed forces of the FRR, quickly delegating the command of the KungsArmé and with it the position of the Överbefälhavare to Christian Månsdottir.

Clan invasion[edit]

Because of the lack of interest in the KungsArmé and the fear that a well-equipped and strong military would anger the Rasalhague neighbors, the Elected Prince neglected his nation's armed forces, which proved fatal when the Clans Wolf and Ghost Bear conquered world after world with little difficulties. After Clan Wolf captured the capital world of Rasalhague, Haakon Magnusson fled the world, leaving Månsdottir behind. A year of guerrilla warfare later, the general was captured by Clan Wolf. His aide, General Nels Rasmussen, replaced Månsdottir as the leader of the partisans on Rasalhague.

In 3051, after the Clan invasion renewal, the Wolves offered General Månsdottir the governorship of all captured worlds in exchange for helping pacify them. Månsdottir refused and was imprisoned. Later he was rescued by the Wolf's Dragoons Seventh Kommando special forces unit and returned to leading the Rasalhague forces.[6]

The Second Star League[edit]

In 3061 Haakon Magnusson stepped down as the Elected Prince. The winner of the elections was surprisingly his son Ragnar Magnusson, who was at the time a warrior in the Ghost Bear Clan making it for him technically impossible to rule the FRR. In an emergency meeting, the Parliament or Riksdag, decided that Ragnar was their duly Elected Prince and that they would hold another election for a regent.[7]

The winner of the election was General Månsdottir, who was awarded the title of Elected Prince Regent and the powers of an Elected Prince until Ragnar's possible return. Månsdottir, a military man first and foremost, has concentrated on increasing the size of the KungsArmé and reviving the First Tyr BattleMech Regiment, which he used to command during the fight for the Rasalhague independence. He also has revised Haakon Magnusson's policy of importing and exporting the same amount of goods from the Lyran Alliance and the Draconis Combine, dealing more with the Lyrans. The abolition of the "mercenary reservations" and an easing of the regulations for dealing with mercenaries were also imported changes of the FRR policies.

During the Third Whitting Conference Månsdottir was pressed by Archon-Princess Katherine Steiner-Davion to vote for her on threat of economical embargoes. Surprisingly, he voted against her, and, as a compromise candidate, he was chosen as the next First Lord.

First Lord Månsdottir had a quiet and a tumultuous term at the same time. Despite invasions of Star League member states by both Clan Jade Falcon and Clan Ghost Bear, neither the Lyran Alliance nor Draconis Combine asked for assistance. The end of the Federated Commonwealth Civil War and the revelations of the aftermath were stunning, but had little effect on the day-to-day Star League business. Månsdottir was seen by the general public as a weak First Lord, an impression amplified by his illness caused by a poisoning attempt on his life in 3067 has left him in a weakened state, forcing him to be constantly attended to by a competent medical staff.[8] At the time, the incident was attributed to a dish of insufficiently prepared Grumian Clams.[9][10]

In 3067, at the Fourth Whitting Conference, First Lord Månsdottir tried to save the falling Second Star League by introducing two new Star League members, the Taurian Concordat and the Word of Blake and calling for a vote of no-confidence, hoping that the measure would be defeated persuading the dissenting members to change their minds, but failed to achieve the needed two thirds majority and was forced to disband the Star League.

During the Jihad[edit]

Since the merging the FRR with the Ghost Bear Dominion, General Månsdottir was allowed to keep his title of Överbefälhavare, although the title became largely ceremonial due to his failing health and the different military structure of the Clan.[8] Nevertheless he managed to receive the rank of a Galaxy Commander by 3076.[11]


Christian Månsdottir was killed on Alshain on the 31st of December 3078 in a terrorist bombing claimed by the Motstånd terrorist group which also killed several hundred Rasalhagian and Ghost Bear citizens, including several members of the Unity Council.[2]


Månsdottir was the namesake of the Christian Månsdottir School of Combat, an academy used by the Rasalhague Dominion to train soldiers during the Dark Age era.[12]

Behind the Scenes[edit]

In MechWarrior 5: Rise of Rasalhague, Christian Månsdottir was voiced by Micah Mason.[13]

Portrait Gallery[edit]


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