Christine Harwell

Christine Harwell
ProfessionPrecentor New Avalon

Christine Harwell served as Precentor New Avalon, advocate Precentor on the First Circuit and overseeing command of all ComStar hyperpulse generators in the Federated Suns, during the Word of Blake Jihad.[1]


Born on Galisteo in the Free Worlds League, Christine and her sister Erin would both continue their family's decades of service to the Blessed Order and become the fourth generation of Harwells to join ComStar. While her sister would join the Com Guards, eventually rising to command of the 182nd Division, Christine had grown tired of the violence of her home world and instead pursued a career in the Order's mammoth Communications Branch instead. Still an Acolyte at the time of the Clan Invasion and ComStar Schism, Christine chose to remain with the newly secular ComStar over joining the more mystical Word of Blake.[1]

Displaying exceptional administrative skills, Christine Harwell would be placed in charge of the Class B HPG station on the Draconis Combine world of Ban Na San before being promoted to command of the Class A station on the Draconis March capital of Robinson, earning the attention of First Precentor Gavin Dow for her successful diplomatic efforts to engage and overcome the increasing distrust of the post-Operation SCORPION ComStar held by citizens of both worlds. When failing health forced Huthrin Vandel into retirement at the end of the FedCom Civil War, Dow nominated Christine as his replacement as Precentor New Avalon, voice of all the ComStar HPG stations within the Federated Suns.[1]

Arriving only briefly on the Federated Suns capital before the Word of Blake's Jihad exploded into open warfare with the First Battle for New Avalon in 3067, Christine used the childhood skills learned on Galisteo to swiftly organize the ComStar personnel who had evacuated planet's HPG station along with local citizens and displaced soldiers into an resistance cells to launch guerrilla attacks against the occupying Blakist forces. Eventually pulled off New Avalon in 3068, Christine Harwell relocated back to Robinson where she continued to coordinate ComStar's HPG stations in the Federated Suns until the Word was finally driven from the Davion capital in 3074.[1]

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by Precentor New Avalon
Succeeded by


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