Christopher Gowens

Christopher Gowens
Position(s)President of Wynn's Roost[1]

Christopher Gowens was President of Wynn's Roost for two terms in the thirty-second century.[1]


Christopher Gowens was an extremely talented economist, and was responsible for engineering an economic boom on the Periphery world of Wynn's Roost in the 3120s. In addition to his skills as an economist Gowens was also a charismatic public speaker; this, combined with the economic boom, saw him elected as President of Wynn's Roost for two consecutive terms, from 3122 to 3135, the maximum allowed. During Gowens tenure Wynn's Roost founded an embassy on New Avalon, and the planet saw record numbers of skilled immigrants arrive from the Golden Worlds of the Federated Suns.[1]


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