Christopher Halas (30th c.)

This article is about the Grand Duke of Oriente. For other uses, see Christopher Halas.
Christopher Halas
Christopher Halas
Died28 March 3080[3]
AffiliationHouse Halas
Title(s)Grand Duke of Oriente[2]
Knight of Atreus[4]
Knight of the Silver Cross[1]
Member of the Order of the Saber[1]
ParentsBurton Halas (father)
ChildrenTimothy Halas[5]
Sherryl Halas[2]
Gregory Halas[5]

Christopher Halas was the Duke of Oriente and father in law to the "false" Thomas Marik.[6]


As one of the strongest supporters of former Captain-General Thomas Marik, Halas saw both the good and bad times for the League. His political support helped Thomas get his political, military and economic reforms against the resistance in Parliament. With the outbreak of the Jihad he stood by his son-in-law, even at the cost of close advisers like his cousin. With the dissolution of the Free Worlds League the Grand Duchy took a neutral position to survive the political changes. Because his daughter was a hostage to the Word of Blake on Atreus, and a rescue mission failed, Christopher Halas contacted Devlin Stone through his son Edgar Halas.[6]

Christopher died of natural causes on the 28th of March 3080, at which point his daughter Sherryl became Duchess of Oriente, and his son-in-law Thomas Halas became Duke.[3]



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