Christopher Marik (24th c.)

This article is about the 3rd Captain-General of the Free Worlds League. For the fourth child of Jessica Marik, see Christopher Marik (32nd c.).
Christopher Marik
Character Profile
Born 2286
Died 2319[1]
Affiliation House Marik
Profession Captain-General
Parents Frederick Marik (father)
Siblings Laine Marik
Spouse Madelyne Sian[2]
Children Kyle Sian-Marik[2]
Dorian Sian-Marik[2]

Christopher Marik was the third Captain-General of the Free Worlds League. Christopher was Juliano Marik's eldest grandson.[2]


In 2305, Christopher married Madelyne Sian of the Sian Commonality. Parliament passed a law that specifically barred the children of this union from becoming Captain-General, though it did not exclude Christopher himself. Parliament considered Sian a hostile neighbor and did not want to take chances allowing the family into the line of succession. Christopher's descendants became known as the "Sian-Mariks".[2][3]

Madelyne died in childbirth in 2317.[4]

In 2319, Parliament appointed Christopher to the position of Captain-General.[1]

Death and afterward[edit]

While serving in office, Christopher suffered a fatal heart attack, only thirty-three years old.[2][1]

The young deaths of Madelyne and Christopher left their children to be raised by other family members. Kyle and Dorian did not understand their parents' decision to allow them to be excluded from the Captain-Generalcy and grew bitter and resentful of the ruling Marik line. This grew into outright violence when the siblings assassinated Captain-General Geraldine Marik in 2364. The fratricidal conflict lasted until 2436.[2][3][4]


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