Clamp Leech

Clamp Leech
Creature information
Type Leech
Homeworld Antallos
Environment unknown
Average mass ???
Average length ca. 7 cm
Average height ???
Creature stats
System MechWarrior, Second Edition
STR n/a
BOD n/a
DEX n/a
RFL n/a
WIL n/a
EDG n/a
Traits n/a
Skills n/a
Size ???
Armor ???
Attack ???

Clamp leeches are a species native to Antallos. The shape and size of a stick of gum (i.e. roughly thumb-sized), they dig into a victim's flesh with amazing strength to suck blood. Their saliva, which prevents clotting, also causes severe pain. They can easily bite through normal clothing, and take a little longer to burrow through tougher materials such as leather or a flak vest.

On Antallos, paper boxes containing clamp leeches and a small compressed-air charge are used in a fashion similar to grenades.

Under MechWarrior, Second Edition rules, a clamp leech would suck blood amounting to 1 point of lethal damage per round, and cause a cumulative +1 modifier from pain to all to-hit rolls on the third round, and every four rounds afterwards, until removed. No detailed stats were given for the creature, presumably because of the small size of an individual clamp leech.


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