Product information
Type Rulebook
Rules supplemental
Development Mike Nystul
Donna Ippolito (Senior Editor)
Sharon Turner Mulvihill (Assistant Editor)
Primary writing Blaine Pardoe
Chris Hartford
Pages 56
Cover artwork Bryn Barnard (Art)
Mike Nielsen (Design)
Interior artwork Mike Nielsen
Jim Nelson
Illustrations Rick Harris
Grant Goleash
Tony Szczudio
Publication information
Publisher FASA
Product code 1664
First published 1991
ISBN-10 1555601685
ISBN-13 978-1555601683
MSRP 15.00 US $
Content 1 Rulebook/Scenario Pack
5 One-sided Mapsheets
2 Counter Sheets
Era Clan Invasion era
Timeline 30493052
Preceded by BattleTroops


ClanTroops is a supplemental rulebook that expands upon rules introduced in BattleTroops. Besides modifications made to existing rules, one of the biggest changes is the introduction of rules for using Battle Armor, armored power suits that are more difficult for conventional infantry to take down. The book also introduces new terrain types, equipment and abilities, such as calling in artillery strikes and most importantly, true anti-BattleMech operations.

The book also provides altogether 16 scenarios set during the Clan Invasion of the Inner Sphere from the perspective of infantry commanders, from the invasion of Santander's World in 3049 to the Battle of Tukayyid in 3052. Plotting Elementals and Clan 'Mechs against regular, armored and battle armored infantry of the Inner Sphere.

Also included are some errata on the original BattleTroops game as well as miniatures rules (i.e. playing without a board).


  • Introduction
    • Components
      • Counters Mapsheets
  • Preparation For Play
    • Filling out Record Sheets
  • Rules Expansions
    • Movement
      • Swamps
      • Swimming
      • Trenches
      • Tunnels
      • Walls
    • Combat
      • Bunkers
      • Off-Board Artillery
      • Smoke
    • Special Weapons and Equipment
      • Rafts
      • Barbed Wire
  • BattleTech Integration
    • Combat
      • To-hit Modifiers
      • Heavy Cover
      • Damage
      • Anti-'Mech Operations
      • Ejecting
  • Battle Armor
    • Movement
      • Moving in Water
      • Raiding a BattleMech
      • Jumping
      • Mines and Barbed Wire
    • Combat
      • Taking Damage
      • Weaponry
      • Elementals
      • Battle Armor vs 'Mechs and Vehicles
      • Attacks Against 'Mechs
      • Attacking Vehicles
  • Miniatures Conversion
    • Preparing Play Aids
    • Rules Conversion
      • Movement
      • Combat
  • Scenarios
    • First to Fall
    • Enter the Jaguar
    • Raid and Revenge
    • Night of the Jaguar
    • Battle for Twycross
    • The Nova Cats
    • Storm before the Silence
    • Old Dog, old Tricks
    • Traps within Traps
    • Turning the Tables
    • Desperate Times, Desperate Deeds
    • Battle for Luthien
    • Payment Due
    • Retribution
    • Epic Battle
    • The Viper's Fangs

Conflicts with Other Sources[edit]

In several cases, the scenarios provided in Clantroops conflict with other sources.

  • In Clantroops, the battle on Santander is described as a defense stand against Clan Wolf forces, rather than an ambush of Smoke Jaguars.
  • The scenario on Twycross is described from the point of view of an Elemental member of the Falcon Guards who survived the battle at the Great Gash; however, numerous sources state that Star Captain Joanna was the only survivor from that unit.
  • Team Banzai's field test of the then new Inner Sphere Standard battle armor (dubbed "gorilla suits") is shown as a raid against the Jade Falcons on Planting; however, Planting was held by Clan Wolf at that time.
  • The Battle of Tukayyid is listed as taking place in 3053 when it actually took place in 3052.
  • Alyina assault by Jade Falcons is done by a different Galaxy (a non-existing one in the Touman) and units that the ones listed in Clan Jade Falcon Sourcebook.
  • For Clan Steel Viper, the book is giving to Khan names that are not aligned with the names of products created after it.