Clan Battle Armor

Clan Battle Armor.PNG
Clan Battle Armor
Production information
Manufacturer Barcella Battle Armor Facility

Clan Diamond Shark IndustriPlex-C

Use Line Unit
Weight Class Medium
Tech Base Clan
Cost 560,500 C-bills
Introduced 3067
Technical specifications
Mass 1,000 kg
Top Speed 12 km/h
Armor Type Standard
BV (1.0) 49[1]
BV (2.0) 48[2]


Following their Abjuration from the Clan Homeworlds, Clan Nova Cat needed to rebuild. In so doing, Khan Santin West directed his scientist caste to create a new battle armor that could stand up to the newer designs coming out of Clan space. Based on the Elemental suit, the result was the Clan Battle Armor, whose visual aesthetic shows that the Clan's contact with the Draconis Combine was already rubbing off on them. Though the design has a slow ground speed, the designers used the jump booster pioneered on the Gray Death Scout armor to rocket it up to one hundred twenty meters at a time. This necessitated a slight reduction in armor and a reworking of the weaponry.[1] Clan Elementals have nicknamed these battle armor Rabids.[3]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

Instead of the modular weapon ports of the Elemental Battle Armor, Clan Battle Armor mounts a fixed Flamer. Similarly, the SRM-2 pod is no longer detachable, though the new model uses a pair of One-Shot SRM-2 launchers. Interestingly, Clan Battle Armor also incorporates a standard searchlight that can be useful in and out of combat, though the design lacks an anti-personnel weapon. Like all Clan battle armor, Clan Battle Armor employs HarJel. The use of Basic Manipulators allow it to ride OmniMechs and also to make anti-'Mech attacks.[1][2]


  • "Rache" 
    Clan Wolf's updated armor uses an arm-mounted Machine Gun and twin One-Shot SRM-3 launchers for its main armament. It also increases the armor protection offered to the Elemental using it.[7] BV (2.0) = 53[8]



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