Clan Cloud Cobra Touman

The Clan Cloud Cobra Touman is the military arm of Clan Cloud Cobra.

Unit Structure[edit]

The organization of Clan Cloud Cobra Clusters is designed to take advantage of their aerospace superiority and are listed below. Though front-line and second-line Clusters use the same organizational scheme, front-line units almost exclusively use OmniMechs and OmniFighters, while second-line units make due with a larger number of standard 'Mechs and AeroSpace Fighters. In addition, second-line Clusters and Galaxies are often assigned conventional infantry and combat vehicles to augment their defensive responsibilities.[1]

Cluster Type Information
Battle Clusters A Battle Cluster is composed of 3 Trinaries of mostly heavy OmniMechs, a Trinary of Elementals and an Aerospace Trinary, balancing withering firepower with maneuverability. In 3062 only a single Battle Cluster existed and formed part of Alpha Galaxy.
Coil Clusters The backbone of the Cobra's Touman, most Coil Clusters consist of three Trinaries of Aerospace Fighters and either a Binary or Trinary-sized mixed force of 'Mechs and Elementals. While the fighters provide the main hitting power of the Cluster, the ground forces provide security and relief for other ground-based Clusters.
Dragoon Clusters Consisting of three Supernova Trinaires of medium and heavy 'Mechs and two Trinaries of fighters, this formation is the quickest and most versatile Cluster in the Cloud Cobra Touman. In 3062 only Zeta Galaxy fielded a Dragoon Cluster.
Fang Clusters These units, while similar to Coil Clusters, consisted of three or four Trinaries of Aerospace Fighters and a Trinary of fast, light- to medium-weight 'Mechs. They are also permanently supported by a full complement of assault DropShips and a Corvette-class WarShip.
Grenadiers Clusters Two Trinaries of heavy- to assault-weight 'Mechs, an Elemental Trinary and one to two Aerospace Trinaries makes up a Grenadiers Clusters, making it the heaviest of the Cloud Cobra's ground-based Clusters, with an emphasis on firepower over its comparatively limited maneuverability.
Guards Clusters: Guards Clusters vary widely in composition. On average, they contain two 'Mech Binaries, one or two Stars of Elementals and three Binaries of Aerospace Fighters.

Touman structure[edit]

Current Galaxies[edit]

The touman in 3085.[2][3][4]


Cobra Pharaoh Keshik
Cobra Temple Keshik
Alpha Naval Reserve
Beta Naval Reserve
Cobra Pharaoh Keshik
Alpha Naval Reserve
Beta Naval Reserve

Alpha Galaxy (The Keystone)[edit]

Alpha Galaxy
Cccalphagalaxy.jpg 3059-3067
33rd Battle Cluster
149th Cobra Guards
214th Cobra Fang
243rd Cobra Guards
33rd Battle Cluster
149th Cobra Guards
214th Cobra Fang
89th Cobra Stalkers

Beta Galaxy (Scourge of the Pentagon)[edit]

Beta Galaxy
Ccbeta.png 3059-3067
45th Cobra Grenadiers
97th Cobra Guards
121st Cobra Fangs
45th Cobra Grenadiers
111th Cobra Stalkers
97th Cobra Guards
116th Dragoon Cluster

Gamma Galaxy (Pharaoh's Sentries)[edit]

Gamma Galaxy
Ccgamma.png 3060-3067
59th Cobra Guards
254th Cobra Guards
441st Cobra Guards
59th Cobra Guards
1st Cobra Coil Cluster
512th Cobra Guards

Omicron Galaxy[edit]

Omicron Galaxy
Clan Cloud Cobra.jpg 3085
254th Cobra Guards
441st Cobra Guards
62nd Cobra Stalkers
222nd Cobra Fang

Former Galaxies[edit]

Delta Galaxy (Olympus Head)[edit]

Delta Galaxy
Ccdelta.png 3059
1st Cobra Coil
5th Cobra Coil
84th Cobra Fangs
170th Cobra Coil
1st Cobra Coil (Wild Kaards)
5th Cobra Coil (Arms of Ares)
84th Cobra Fang (Wings of Pharaoh)
170th Cobra Coil (Little Green Men)

Epsilon Galaxy (Stand and Deliver)[edit]

Epsilon Galaxy
Cccepsilongalaxy.jpg 3059
73rd Cobra Guards
185th Cobra Fangs
268th Cobra Fangs
73rd Cobra Guards (The Ebony Guard)
185th Cobra Fang (Heaven's Gate)
268th Cobra Fang (Titanium Wind)

Zeta Galaxy (Prophets of Babylon)[edit]

Zeta Galaxy
Ccczetagalaxy.jpg 3059
57th Cobra Guards
116th Dragoon Cluster
222nd Cobra Fangs
57th Cobra Guards (The Golden Guard)
116th Dragoon Cluster (Last Stand)
222nd Cobra Fang (Iron Butterflies)

Naval Assets[edit]


Alpha Naval Reserve[edit]

Beta Naval Reserve[edit]

Alpha Galaxy[edit]

Beta Galaxy[edit]

Delta Galaxy[edit]

  • Perdition's Flame Fredasa-class Corvette => Destroyed during the Steel Viper Annihilation in 3075
  • Trump Vincent-class Corvette => Destroyed by Clan Diamond Shark in 3070
  • Hertzog's Staff Vincent-class Corvette => Destroyed during the Steel Viper Annihilation in 3075
  • Second Coming McKenna-class Battleship => Destroyed by Clan Star Adder

Zeta Galaxy[edit]

  • Inquisitor Aegis-class Battlecruiser => Destroyed by Clan Goliath Scorpion in 3081


Uniforms and Rank Insignia[edit]

Field Uniform

The Cloud Cobra field uniform consist of a jumpsuit or a fatigue with different camouflage depending on the situation of the terrain. Light body armor is worn on the uniform with other pieces of gear and equipment as needed for the environment or situation. [5]

Dress Uniform

The Cloud Cobra dress uniform is worn over the jumpsuit or fatigue. It consist of a ceremonial mantle, clasped by a belt. The shin-length mantle is colored light blue-green and purple in the style of its totem, the Cloud Cobra, trimmed in the color based on the warrior's combat status: gold for front-line status, silver for front-line, red with gold or silver highlights is for reserve-status, and dark green for solahma status. Daggerstars are worn on the collar of the uniform, which rises above the mantle's neckline. The few awards given to Cobra warriors are worn around the neck. Rank insignia is worn directly below any awards, generally on the breast of the uniform. Fourrageres denote additional positions and responsibilities within the clan. The insignia of the warrior's Cluster is imprinted across the front of the mantle at chest height. Additional unit insignias are worn on the shoulders of the underlying uniform. Warriors without a Bloodname wear a black leather belt buckle with the Clan insignia. Warriors with a Bloodname wear a dark blue/green belt resembling a head of a snake eating its own tail.[6]

Ceremonial Uniform

The ceremonial uniform of the Cloud Cobra consist of a tight bodysuit, shaped to resemble the scales of the cloud cobra and woven with ballistic cloth forming the basis of the garb. Rank insignia may be displayed like the dress uniform. An enameled mask shaped like a cloud cobra's head completes the uniform. Only Bloodnamed warriors may wear this uniform upon winning their Trial of Bloodright. [7]

Military Rank Insignia
Uniform Rank Insignia Point Rank Point Insignia
Point Commander CloudCobra-PointCommander.png Point 1 CloudCobra-Point1.png
Star Commander CloudCobra-StarCommander.png Point 2 CloudCobra-Point2.png
Star Captain CloudCobra-StarCaptain.png Point 3 CloudCobra-Point3.png
Star Colonel CloudCobra-StarColonel.png Point 4 CloudCobra-Point4.png
Galaxy Commander CloudCobra-GalaxyCommander.png Point 5 CloudCobra-Point5.png
saKhan Cloud-Cobra-saKhan.png
Khan Cloud-Cobra-Khan.png


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