Clan Council

A Clan Council comprises all of the Bloodnamed warriors of a Clan and acts as its governing body. The Clan Council rules by simple majority and has near absolute authority over their Clan; any challenge to this authority must be brought before the Grand Council and proved to be a threat to Clan society as a whole.[1]

Though charged with investigating and passing judgment on all policy matters, in truth the Council limits itself to military or more general discussions, delegating "lesser" matters such as infrastructure and economics to an appropriate group among the civilian Castes. These groups then investigate the matter and pass their findings to the Council for debate and either approval or rejection, though in most cases they will simply rubber-stamp the civilians' suggestions.[1]

The quorum for a meeting of the Clan Council is at least fifty percent in most cases, but only in the most important cases will the physical presence of a Clan's Bloodnamed warriors be required. Even the logistics of setting up a virtual meeting, especially since the Clan Invasion with whole Clans spread across thousands of light-years, means the role of the Khans to make the important day-to-day decisions has increased. The Council however still retains the ability to review major decisions after-the-fact, which can lay the groundwork for a Trial of Refusal or even the removal of the Khan.[1]


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