Clan Hell's Horses Touman

The Clan Hell's Horses touman is the military arm of Clan Hell's Horses.

Unit Structure[edit]

Clan Hell's Horses' beliefs in cooperation and combine-arms warfare has led to the adoption of their own unique organization. In the standard Cluster, the first three Trinaries are a mix of OmniMechs and Elementals, with varying ratios depending on their function. The fourth Trinary is a pure aerospace fighter unit, while the fifth is a Supernova of conventional armor and infantry.[1]

The Clusters are further divided into separate categories:[1]

Cluster Type Information
Cavalry Cluster The most numerous Cluster type, these units employ fast light- to heavy-weight 'Mech designs, along with a few assault 'Mechs. Both conventional and Elemental infantry are fully jump-capable, and vehicles assigned to a Cavalry Cluster are a mix of hover and VTOL craft, mostly infantry transports. Their primary function is for reconnaissance and fast-response, but they favor no particular weapon class or system, and employ flexible field tactics.
Strike Cluster A balance of speed and firepower, Strike Clusters use medium- to heavy-weight 'Mechs, vehicles and fighters. These units contain fewer infantry forces than in other Clusters as their primary mission is offensive operations, which tend to inflict greater casualties. For the sake of mobility these units favor energy weapons so as to avoid being tied down to supply lines.
Assault Cluster Emphasizing firepower at the expense of speed, these Clusters feature larger numbers of heavy-weight 'Mechs and fighters, with infantry and vehicles that similarly focus on greater hitting power over mobility. As these Clusters are used for defensive operations and siege warfare, they are generally close enough to their supply lines to avoid resupply concerns, and so place a greater emphasis on heavier autocannons and missile weaponry.
Generic Clusters Reserved for garrison Clusters, these units contain a grab-bag of different machines, weapon systems and forces to fulfill the jack-of-all-trades role. They are used in battle only when the need for additional forces arises.
Horde Cluster In the late 3080s, Star Colonel Domnall Seidman of the 666th Mechanized Assault Cluster was given permission from the Clan Council to create a new Cluster, one that became the basis for the "Mongol Doctrine." Horde Clusters feature two Trinaries and an attached support Supernova. Mangudai Trinary consists of highly mobile light (or few mediums) 'Mechs or vehicles, used to draw out or position enemies for the heavier Tulughma Trinary of heavy and assault weight machines. Support Supernova contains any regular infantry and associated carriers, and is used to assist as needed.[2]
Ranger Clusters Raised in the Dark Age largely as a defensive stalling tactic until other Clusters can arrive, Ranger Clusters field quick, lightweight, long-range skirmishing units that can harass an opponent but not survive a stand-up fight. Most are found in second-line Galaxies and do not see much combat.[3]

Touman structure[edit]

The touman in 3145[4][5][6][7]

Current Galaxies[edit]

Hell's Keshiks[edit]

Alpha Galaxy (Stampede of Steel)[edit]

Alpha Galaxy
Hhalpha.png 3059-3067
Alpha Galaxy Command
11th Mechanized Cavalry
12th Mechanized Cavalry
21st Mechanized Assault Cluster
22nd Mechanized Assault Cluster
30th Mechanized Strike Cluster
Alpha Galaxy Command
11th Mechanized Cavalry
22nd Mechanized Assault Cluster
30th Mechanized Strike Cluster
5th Horde Cluster

Beta Galaxy (The Apocalypse)[edit]

Beta Galaxy
Galaxy Beta Clan Hells Horses logo.png 3059-3067
Beta Galaxy Command
77th Mechanized Cavalry
666th Mechanized Assault Cluster
333rd Mechanized Strike Cluster
888th Mechanized Assault Cluster
99th Mechanized Cavalry
Beta Galaxy Command
77th Mechanized Cavalry
666th Mechanized Assault Cluster
8th Horde Cluster
11th Horde Cluster

Delta Galaxy (The Lightning Riders)[edit]

Delta Galaxy
Hhdelta.png 3059-3067
71st Mechanized Cavalry
82nd Mechanized Cavalry
44th Mechanized Assault Cluster
65th Mechanized Strike Cluster
Delta Galaxy Command
65th Mechanized Strike Cluster
71st Mechanized Cavalry
82nd Mechanized Cavalry
4th Horde Cluster

Epsilon Galaxy (The Stonewall Brigade)[edit]

Epsilon Galaxy
Hhepsilon.png 3067
Epsilon Galaxy Command
108th Mechanized Cavalry Cluster
62nd Mechanized Assault Cluster
91st Mechanized Assault Cluster
Epsilon Galaxy Command
62nd Mechanized Assault Cluster
91st Mechanized Assault Cluster
9th Horde Cluster
10th Horde Cluster

Fire Horse Galaxy[edit]

Fire Horse Galaxy
Fire Horse Galaxy Insignia 3145
Fire Horse Galaxy Command
1st Horde Cluster
2nd Horde Cluster
3rd Horde Cluster
39th Mechanized Assault Cluster
97th Mechanized Strike Cluster

Theta Galaxy (Hell's Stormtroopers)[edit]

Theta Galaxy
Galaxy Theta (Clan Hells Horses) logo.png 3067-3085
42nd BattleMech Cluster
49th BattleMech Cluster
53rd BattleMech Cluster
57th BattleMech Cluster
1st Rangers Cluster
8th Rangers Cluster
11th Rangers Cluster
42nd BattleMech Cluster

Iota Galaxy (The Ninth Ring of Hell)[edit]

Iota Galaxy
Hhiota.png 3067-3085
61st BattleMech Cluster
67th BattleMech Cluster
69th BattleMech Cluster
74th BattleMech Cluster
61st BattleMech Cluster
2nd Rangers Cluster
6th Rangers Cluster
10th Rangers Cluster

Kappa Galaxy (Scarlet Mustangs)[edit]

Kappa Galaxy
Clan Hell's Horses.jpg 3067-3085
307th Mechanized Cavalry
412th Mechanized Strike
85th BattleMech Cluster
85th BattleMech Cluster
4th Rangers Cluster
12th Rangers Cluster
13th Rangers Cluster

Omega Galaxy (The Warg Riders)[edit]

Omega Galaxy
Galaxy Omega (Clan Hells Horses) logo.png 3070-3085
91st BattleMech Cluster
93rd BattleMech Cluster
94th BattleMech Cluster
99th BattleMech Cluster
91st BattleMech Cluster
5th Rangers Cluster
7th Rangers Cluster
9th Rangers Cluster

Fallen Galaxies[edit]

Gamma Galaxy (The Bloodriders)[edit]

Gamma Galaxy
Hhgamma.png 3059
Gamma Galaxy Command
201st Mechanized Assault
45th Mechanized Strike
87th Mechanized Cavalry

Disbanded in 3065[8]

Zeta Galaxy (Wrath from Heaven)[edit]

Zeta Galaxy
Galaxy Zeta (Clan Hells Horses) logo.png 3059
40th Mechanized Cavalry
229th Mechanized Strike
27th BattleMech Cluster
31st BattleMech Cluster

Eta Galaxy (The Shadow Riders)[edit]

Eta Galaxy
Hheta.png 3059-3067
51st Mechanized Cavalry
35th BattleMech Cluster
39th BattleMech Cluster

Disbanded due to heavy losses in the 3070s.[9]

Naval Assets[edit]

Three Hell's Horses Warships have survived to 3145. Assault DropShips and Pocket Warships are used to cover for the loss of a large percentage of the fleet following the relocation to the Inner Sphere.


Uniforms and Rank Insignia[edit]

Battle Uniform

Both MechWarriors and Elementals wear a red and black mesh cooling suits form the base of the battle uniform. The uniform adds a gun belt, headband and wristbands with thin red boots of insulated, reinforced rubber. Horses warriors wear a camouflaged flak vest that completes the uniform.

Aerospace pilots wear an all red flight suit with black shoulder, elbow, and knee pads. Black boots, gloves, and a flight helmet which can be sealed to protect the wearer against heat, cold, and the vacuum of space.

Conventional Infantry wear the standard field uniform in combat.[11]

Field Uniform

The Hell's Horses field uniforms sport a reddish-brown camouflage pattern made with ballistic cloth and reinforced at the shoulder, elbow and knees by thick black pads. Pockets in the upper legs, as well as on the black utility belt, allows the wearer to carry additional gear in the field. A standard hip holster holds a sidearm only required when the situation demands. Thick leather boots with fasteners provide long lasting protection for the warrior's feet. Dismounted warriors add a black Cavalry hat with the Hell's Horses logo placed on the upturned on the right side of the brim, but some warriors switch the hat for a helmet or neurohelmet.[11]

Dress Uniform

The Hell's Horses dress uniform is a simple red jacket, trimmed with black leather, over a black high collar undershirt. A single pentagonal gold button, matching the jacket's cuff links is pinned to the right flap of the uniform, over the wearer's left breast. A simple, black leather belt at the waist, a ceremonial sword may be worn. Red trousers trimmed with black leather and polished blacked leather shoes complete the uniform. Hell's Horses warriors wear black leather gloves with the dress uniform.[12]

Ceremonial Uniform

The ceremonial uniform is the same as the dress uniform, but adds a gold trim at all seams where black and red meet. An enameled mask modeled after the hell's horse that features a long mane of synthetic yellow horse hair that runs down the meter of the wearer's back.[11]

Naval Uniform

The naval uniform is the same as the dress uniform, but switches red and black around and swaps the gloves and sword with a gun belt.[11]

Undress Uniform

When not on active duty or in battle, Hell's Horses warriors wear a red jumpsuit, trimmed in black. Black shoes and a black gun belt are worn with the uniform, but are optional. Black elbow and knee pads are only worn when handling menial activities.[11]

Clan Hell's Horses Military Rank Insignia
Rank Insignia
Point Commander HellsHorses-PointCommander.png
Star Commander HellsHorses-StarCommander.png
Nova Commander HellsHorses-NovaCommander.png
Star Captain HellsHorses-StarCaptain.png
Nova Captain HellsHorses-NovaCaptain.png
Star Colonel HellsHorses-StarColonel.png
Galaxy Commander HellsHorses-GalaxyCommander.png
saKhan HellsHorses-saKhan.png
Khan HellsHorses-Khan.png
Clan Hell's Horses Military Rank Insignia
Point positions
Point 1 Point 2 Point 3 Point 4 Point 5
HellsHorses-Point1.png HellsHorses-Point2.png HellsHorses-Point3.png HellsHorses-Point4.png HellsHorses-Point5.png


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