Clan Ice Hellion Touman

The Clan Ice Hellion touman is the military arm of Clan Ice Hellion.

Unit Structure[edit]

The Ice Hellions largely follow the standard Clan model in organizing their Clusters, with five Trinaries of three 'Mech, one aerospace, and one Elemental. Front-line Clusters receive the best equipment and warriors, including the most number of OmniMechs and OmniFighters, and are with rare exceptions all trueborn. Second-line Clusters make due with less, taking longer to receive supplies and repairs, and contain a larger number of freeborn warriors alongside aging or disgraced trueborns. They also contain fewer OmniMechs, which are reserved for experienced trueborn commanders. Both front-line and second-line Clusters emphasize the Ice Hellion philosophy of swift attack and agile response on the battlefield, and so rely heavily on light- to medium-weight 'Mechs; heavy and assault machines are often used for garrison duty, again with a preference to speed over armor.[1][2]

Since its founding the Clan traditionally uses light and medium weight 'Mechs, with the aptly-named Hellion serving as their primary machine. A small portion of heavy and assault weight 'Mechs are also produced, primarily for garrison duties, although these too favor speed over armor with designs such as the Gargoyle and Linebacker within their touman. The aerospace assets initially consigned to the Clan were also primarily light and medium weight fighters, although this put the Clan as a disadvantage in dogfighting and eventually were forced to adopted heavier designs, with a preference towards the Visigoth and Sabutai.

Favoring smaller, more agile Warriors, Clan Ice Hellion failed to develop their Elemental infantry; Clan Ice Hellion subsequently under-utilizes Elementals compared with other Clans. When the Elemental was introduced in the mid 2800s, the Hellions attempted to acquire genetic material and breeding protocols to produce larger, stronger soldiers, but were thwarted by Clan Hell's Horses. Instead, the Hellions recruited Freeborns to serve as infantry, while the Scientist Caste worked to miniaturize battle armor and improve protocols. While Clan Ice Hellion has been successful breeding smaller trueborn Elemental infantry, Warriors in the Clan maintain a lingering disdain, left by the combination of past freeborn infantry and their lack of battlefield finnese.[3] Where they are used at all, Ice Hellion infantry will either be equipped with battle armor or, if garrison or solahma units, be outfitted with jump packs or mechanized transport.[2] The general disdain for infantry also meant Ice Hellion Elementals were on average smaller compared to other Clans' bloodlines.[4]

Unique to the Ice Hellions was the creation of so-called Flurry Clusters in the wake of the Hellion's Fury campaign in order to hold onto their newly-captured territory. Little more than cannon fodder, Flurry units are loose groupings of mostly freeborns, along with relatively few aging or disgraced truborns, whose only job is to hold an area until proper units can arrive. While organized loosely along standard Cluster lines, the vast majority of a Flurry unit's forces are fast attack hovercraft and VTOLs, with approximately five percent piloting salvaged or decrepit 'Mechs. On occasion these ad hoc units have managed to give a good showing themselves, at least long enough for reinforcements to arrive.[5] By 3067 the number of Flurry units had not only grown, but more and more have proven themselves capable combat units despite the natural Clan bias against combat vehicles, with more of these units spread amongst the Clan's Galaxies.[6]

Touman Structure[edit]

Former Galaxies[edit]

The Touman never recovered from the event of 3071-3072 during their invasion of the Inner Sphere and finally ceased to exist in 3074.[7]

Alpha Galaxy (The Blinding Keshik)[edit]

Alpha Galaxy
Ihalpha.png 3059-3072
7th Attack Cluster
40th Hellion Lancers
77th Hellion Lancers
78th Hellion Lancers
150th Hellion Lancers

Destroyed on Vantaa by Clan Jade Falcon and Clan Hell's Horses in March 3072.[8]

Beta Galaxy (The Lithe Kill)[edit]

Beta Galaxy
Ihbeta.png 3060
200th Attack Cluster (Lithe Kill Keshik)
90th Striker Irregulars
121st Hellion Lancers

Delta Galaxy (Dauntless Hunters)[edit]

Delta Galaxy
Ihdelta.png 3059-3067
2nd Assault Cavaliers
33rd Striker Irregulars
45th Striker Irregulars
53rd Striker Irregulars

Zeta Galaxy (Guardians of the Lair)[edit]

Zeta Galaxy
Ihzeta.png 3060-3068
3rd Hector Cavaliers
7th Hector Cavaliers
45th Hector Cavaliers
150th Attack Cluster

Zeta Prime Galaxy (Freeborn Fanaticism)[edit]

Zeta Prime Galaxy
Ihzetaprime.png 3059-3067
52nd Hector Cavaliers
175th Attack Cluster
176th Attack Cluster

The Galaxy was destroyed on Vantaa by Clan Jade Falcon and Clan Hell's Horses in March 3072.[8]

Theta Galaxy (Caste Saviors)[edit]

Theta Galaxy
Ihtheta.png 3059-3071
43rd Hector Cavaliers
44th Hector Cavaliers
180th Attack Cluster

Naval Assets[edit]

The Ice Hellions lost all of their WarShips to their failed attempts at increasing their standing among the Home Clans or forming their own Invasion Corridor. Only one vessel survived to be absorbed by Clan Goliath Scorpion in 3074.


Uniforms and Rank Insignia[edit]

Field Uniform

The Ice Hellion uniform is an off-white jumpsuit with mottled gray and black patches for camouflage. Pockets and loops adorn the jumpsuit, for easy access to storage of weapons and other field equipment. A full helmet completes the uniform. Though some Mechwarriors wear shorts and the cooling vest while inside of the cockpit.[10]

Dress Uniform

The dress uniform, is an off-white, two-piece suit with gray bands around the cuffs and thick gray stripes down the front. The unit designation is worn on the right shoulder for trueborns and on the left for freeborns. Bloodnamed warriors carry the privilege of wearing a cape of Ice Hellion fur. Dark gray boots finish the uniform.[10]

Ceremonial Uniform

The ceremonial uniform consist of a white leather bodysuit with gray striping, draped over a fur cloak which also has gray striping, that attaches to ceremonial mask. The ceremonial mask is modeled after the Ice Hellion with a hawk-like snout and exaggerated fangs.[10]

Military Rank Insignia
Uniform Rank Insignia Point Rank Point Insignia
Point Commander IceHellion-PointCommander.png Point 1 IceHellion-Point1.png
Star Commander IceHellion-StarCommander.png Point 2 IceHellion-Point2.png
Star Captain IceHellion-StarCaptain.png Point 3 IceHellion-Point3.png
Star Colonel IceHellion-StarColonel.png Point 4 IceHellion-Point4.png
Galaxy Commander IceHellion-GalaxyCommander.png Point 5 IceHellion-Point5.png
Khan IceHellion-Khan.png


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