Clan Jade Falcon Remnants

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The Clan Jade Falcon Remnants are an independent splinter group of Clan Jade Falcon, separated from the main Clan forces on Terra. They are the last remaining Jade Falcon presence in the Hinterlands, led by Khan Jiyi Chistu.[1]

Clan Jade Falcon.jpg
Clan Jade Falcon Remnants
Faction Profile
Time period: Early 3150s - present
Classification: Splinter Faction
Controlled systems: 4
Capital world: Sudeten
Ruler title: Khan
Military: Clan Jade Falcon Touman, Mercenaries
Secret Service: Clan Jade Falcon Watch


After Chinggis Khan Malvina Hazen took nearly all of the Falcon touman to participate at the Battle of Terra, all that was left behind were a few barely operational solahma units.

While the Falcons as a whole had left their Occupation Zone, not every member of the Clan followed. Of those left behind, two in particular rose to prominence. Jiyi Chistu had been a Star Captain serving under Malvina Hazen, until he grew disillusioned with her methods. Reassigned to protect one of the Falcons' precious VaultShips, he cultivated the loyalty of those serving under him and grew to respect the merchants who crewed the ship. By mid-3151, Chistu and his comrades were cut off from central leadership, left only with confusing reports coming from Terra ranging from a Falcon victory to a resurgent Word of Blake. It was then that his ship received a recall order from the Clan's Merchant Factor, Marena.[2]

Marena had risen through the ranks of the Falcon merchant caste for decades, gaining great influence for her skilled management of the Falcons' economy. After the chaos erupted in the prior Falcon occupation Zone, which became the Hinterlands, she saw her opportunity. Moving swiftly to secure the planet Alyina, Marena overthrew the ruling warrior caste as she sought to build a new nation based on commerce. On 20 July, 3151, Marena declared herself the Syndic of a new government, the Alyina Mercantile League.[3] She sent out a recall order to all the Falcon VaultShips scattered throughout space, ordering them to return to Alyina.

While most of the VaultShips heeded the recall order and fell in line behind the new Syndic, VaultShip Gamma, the ship to which Chistu had been assigned, was impeccably loyal to Chistu and, through him, Clan Jade Falcon. Rather than join the AML, the VaultShip crew created a council made up of both warriors and lower castes that unanimously elected Chistu their new Khan. Among his first actions was to secure Sudeten, arresting the planetary leader, Scientist General Axle after a short battle. Another of Chistu's acts was to invite Marena to his capital to find a path forward together. Marena informed Chistu that she and her nation were no longer subject to Clan rule, and offered Chistu a place as the leader of her armies. Unable to fathom swearing fealty to a merchant, the talks ended almost as soon as they began.[4]

Chistu didn't lose any time expanding the Remnants' holdings: he quickly and easily secure the nearby planets of Graus and Dompaire, reducing their garrison, and reinforcing his forces, which initially were barely a Trinary, to more than two, recruiting more warriors from the lower castes.

The next step of the new Khan was a bold one: taking his best two Trinaries, traveled to Quarell, where engaged with the planet's Ghost Bears garrison, in a Trial of Possession to take several training sibkos, putting up VaultShip Gamma as prize. The local commander, Star Colonel Emilio Hall, agreed Trial was a total success for the Falcons, which took the sibkos, though they lost about a Trinary of their forces.[5]

Chistu, after returning to Sudeten, put down a rebellion on Dompaire with minimal losses. Soon after, Marena "helped" the Remnants sending them a JumpShip filled of warriors of technicians who preferred to live as "true" Falcons. More "help" arrived sooner, when the mercenary group Lone Wolves traveled to Sudeten, searching for work. And the 3 March 3152, a fleet of Clan Hell's Horses followed: Operation Stampede had reached the remnants' space.[6]

The Battle of Sudeten (3152) was a survival test for the Remnants. Ironically, both Horse's Khans aided in the defense, by refusing to recognize the Falcons as a "true" Clan. When they treated the Remnants as dezgra, freed them to fight in any way they wanted. Using cunning tactics, the Horses' losses mounted, and though the Falcons suffered losses too, the invaders suffered most. When Khan Gottfried Amirault attempted to negotiate, the Falcons ignored him. Even the theoretically neutral Lone Wolves took part for the Falcons, ultimately driving off the Horses.

The Falcons had high losses, but the surviving were more united and stronger than ever.[7]

In May 3151, another enemy appeared: the nearby Tamar Pact sent forces to attack Blair Atholl, also under the Remnants' control. The reduced Falcon garrison managed to hold off the invaders and the battle soon became a stalemate, with neither able to defeat the other withour reinforcements, which was a small victory for the Remnants.[8]

Diplomatic Relationships[edit]

Now ruling as the Clan Jade Falcon Remnants Khan, Jiyi Chistu has not communicated with the original Jade Falcon force, which now serves the ilClan on Terra. It is unknown how new Khan Stephanie Chistu will react to Jiyi Chistu's changes or if she will move to depose him should the ilClan force ever return, which makes the Remnants a de facto separate entity.[9]

Clan Hell's Horses have made their hostility toward the Falcon Remnants clear, and it is unknown if their new Khan, Fulk Lassenerra, will treat them as a "real" Clan after the Sudeten debacle.[10] The Lyran Commonwealth is another possible enemy for the Remnants, along with the AML, as Marena has sought help from the Tamar Pact against the Falcon Remnants. To date, the Remnants' enemies appear to be the Hell's Horses and Tamar Pact, with which they have already clashed.[11]


The military forces of the Clan Jade Falcon Remnants are very limited, described as a "rather motley assortment of Clan Warriors, robbed from the cradle or rescued from the nursing home", forcing them to accept the help or even contract mercenaries like the Lone Wolves. Initially a Trinary, they grow to be at least a full Cluster.[9]



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