Clan Protectorate

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The Clan Protectorate is a Free World League Province, consisting of the worlds of Oceana, Asellus Australis, Asellus Borealis, Angell II, Abadan, Avellaneda and the capital world of Marik. It was protected by Clan Sea Fox, Clan Spirit Cat and survivors of Clan Nova Cat and founded in 3138.


Originated as a new nation that was created by the idea of Lady Julietta after she recovered from her injuries due to an assassination attempt in 3137. The Oriente Protectorate had asked the Clans of Marik to help garrison nearby worlds while their forces dealt with the recent war with Andurien. This led Lady Julietta to find a better way for Clan people to contribute to helping the worlds without wasting resources. Teaching the Clans about what a protectorate-type state is, mutual parties agreed to form the new Clan Protectorate.

The Clan Protectorate comprises former Republic of the Sphere faction, the "Clan" Spirit Cats and Delta Aimag of Clan Sea Fox Spina Khanate. The new nation, is led by Clan Spirit Cat Star Colonel Rikkard Nova Cat & Clan Sea Fox ovKhan Petr Kalasa, and Lady Julietta as Political Advisor to the leadership.

In February 3139, the Oriente Protectorate invited the Clans to participate in Operation Homecoming.[1] The Oriente had requested that Clan forces be placed under their control, which was unacceptable. However Lady Julietta pointed out that by coming on their own, they could participate in it and keep their honor intact. As well, the new League would be indebted to them for keeping their promise to aid them in taking Atreus.

Clan Sea Fox CargoShip Voidswimmer arrived on April 21st to help defend the coalition's jump point. The Voidswimmer's presence kept newly arrived Regulan Fiefs's space forces from bringing reinforcements to the defending ground forces on Atreus.

In July, Clan representatives, including Lady Julietta, arrived at Atreus. They traveled to the Parliament building of the Free World League to witness the swearing in of Captain-General Jessica Marik.[2]

The Protectorate also become a haven to Nova Cats searching asylum fleeing Republic's collapse, forming the First Nova Cat Regulars. However, the integration of the Cats wasn't perfect, as much of them don't fully trust the Spirit Cats, whom they view as fanatical cultists, nor the League's government.[3]

In 3147, the Protectorate suffered a direct attack from forces of the Principality of Regulus. After Clan Sea Fox began a commercial blockade on key Regulan systems, prince Cameron-Jones launched a counterattack with the First, Fourth and Thirtienth Regulan Hussars, hoping to force the Foxes to lift the blockade. Codenamed Task Force Hunger Strike, they arrived on system Marik on 25 July. After landing, the First and Fourth Hussars took out their anger on Purifier Cluster, while the Thirtienth concentrated on rearguard actions, raiding supply depots suspected on harboring rations or other food. The Purifiers withdrew to regroup, and the Hussars split trying to secure several key locations, one of them the Winter Palace on Dormuth, ancestral home of House Marik and seat of power of the Protectorate's provincial government. Rikkard Nova Cat lead the defense. The Nova Cat leader challenged the Fourth's commander, Colonel Juliette Mejia, to a duel. She ignored the challenge and ordered her lance to mass fire on Rikkard's Firestarter. His 'Mech was shot down, but he survived. The dishonorable attack made Shiva Keshik attack the Regulans with unbridled ferocity, sending them into retreat.[4] The Thirty-first Regulan Hussars, sent to reinforce the Marik offensive, was destroyed in the way by the Foxes ships. Rikkard extended hegira to the remaining Regulan invaders on Marik, leaving them return to Regulus.[5]

Clan Protectorate Military Forces[edit]

The Clan Protectorate military was organized along traditional Clan lines. Despite being part of the new Free Worlds League Military, the LCCC was hesitant to deploy them outside their Protectorate, mostly as they served as a deterrent for the Wolf Empire. The Protectorate military had already engaged the Wolves in combat several times by 3145.[6]

The Clan Protectorate as of 3145 has fielded six Clusters consisting of a mixture of warriors from the Spirit Cats, Clan Sea Fox's Spina Khanate's Delta Aimag, native Free Worlds League nationals and survivors/refugees from Clan Nova Cat.

Historical Map Gallery[edit]


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