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Clan Sea Fox

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Clan Sea Fox Logo
Clan Sea Fox/Clan Diamond Shark
Faction Profile
Time period: 28072985

3100 – Present

Classification: Clan
Controlled systems: 3?
Capital world: ?
Ruler title: Khan
Military: Clan Sea Fox Touman
Secret Service: Clan Sea Fox Watch

Clan Sea Fox is the original name of Clan Diamond Shark. Clan Sea Fox and Clan Snow Raven had a falling out, and in response Clan Snow Raven created the Diamond Shark, a predator designed solely to hunt and kill the Sea Foxes who lived in Strana Mechty's oceans. After most of the Sea Foxes had been killed, Clan Sea Fox petitioned the Grand Council to change its name to Clan Diamond Shark.[1] Several sea foxes were preserved by the Clan and placed on other worlds, where they flourished. As a result, Clan Diamond Shark changed its name back to Clan Sea Fox by 3100. The Diamond Shark/Sea Fox Clan has relied heavily on its Merchant Caste since its inception, giving them more power and freedom than most Clans.[2] Though many believe them to be weak because of their democratic attitudes toward their lower castes, the Diamond Sharks maintained one of the largest and most elite Toumans among the clans.[citation needed]

After the Jihad, the Diamond Sharks were one of several Clans forced to move to the Inner Sphere. Having few worlds of their own, the reborn Clan Sea Fox is a nomad trader Clan who now almost entirely reside on giant ArcShips and CargoShips that roam throughout human-occupied space.

Fact Sheet[edit]

  • Founding Year: 2810 (initial), 3068 (modern)[3]
  • National Symbol: A silver-blue sea fox, bowing as it rises from the water
  • Government: Clan (caste-driven, warrior/merchant-dominant hierarchy)
  • Dominant Language: English (official)
  • Dominant Religion: Atheism
  • Unit of Currency: Fox-Credit (1 Fox Credit = 1 C-Bill)

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Worlds and Enclaves[edit]

The Clan has control over three worlds: Twycross, Trondheim, and Itabaiana.[4][5] In addition to these worlds, the Clan has enclaves on eighteen different worlds.


History post-Jihad[edit]

  • 3070–3080s - Khanate and Aimag formations begin to appear with modified WarShips at their core. They begin roving to render aid to worlds left isolated due to Blakist attacks.
  • 3097 - Clan Wolf forces in the Feltre Star System attack the Swimmer Khanate's Beta Aimag, which consist of two JumpShips and their attendant flotilla of DropShips. The Wolves believed they could overpower the Aimag's Cluster sized force. They deploy an aerospace-heavy force against Beta's troops, who easily defeat them. The Wolf force is unable to capture a single ship belonging to the Aimag.[6] Later that year, Clan Sea Fox dispatches two entire Khanates and a Galaxy's worth of troops to assault the Wolves on Feltre. The assault destroys two Clusters of Clan Wolf troops. Clan Sea Fox leaves the planet after the battle, displaying no interest in claiming Feltre for themselves. However, Clan Wolf traders suffer a 200 percent price increase in their dealings with Clan Sea Fox subsequently.[3]
  • 3100 - Clan Diamond Shark formally changes its name to Clan Sea Fox.[7][8]
  • 3137 - Delta Aimag of the Spina Khanate negotiates a deal with "Clan" Spirit Cats to jointly control the world of Marik, which becomes newest of the "clearing-house worlds".[9]

Era Specific Data[edit]


  • Capital: ilKhanate ArcShip Poseidon, no home system
  • Locations (Terra relative): Various worlds and spaceborne colonies scattered across the Inner Sphere
  • Total (Inhabited) Systems: 3 total control; 14 world enclaves
  • Estimated Population (3130): 428,670,000
  • Government: Clan (caste-driven, warrior/merchant-dominant hierarchy)
  • Ruler: Khan Mori Hawker

Culture and Characteristics[edit]

Sea Fox Clansmen have an uncanny sense of smell due to the near-sterile space environment they live in.[10] They are able to smell a wide variety of scents. It should be noted that they sometimes find Inner Sphere odors rather offensive.

Despite the Clan's nomadic existence in the Inner Sphere, their solidarity continues to keeps the Clan whole socially. Due to the relative independence of individual Aimags and their isolation from one another, they can sometimes be perceived as sub-Clans. However they remain largely synchronized with the Clan as a whole.

Many warriors of the Clan have been trained to be as much like merchants as possible in order to understand the ramifications of actions and deals. Despite making it appear that warriors are more "bargainers first", they are still very much fearless Clan warriors.[11]

Clan Sea Fox sibkos are known as Shivs, with instructors referred to as Shiv-trainers.[12]

Sea Fox warriors engage in Rituals of Combat with members of other Aimags. These Rituals, not only serving as a way for space-bound Fox warriors to keep their fighting edge, also serve as a way of heightening an Aimag's reputation and standing within the Clan.[13]. Combat is not to the death—a MechWarrior wins their ritual duel if they first destroy one of their opponent's limbs.[14]


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Clan Sea Fox Fleet Structure and Military[edit]

The Sea Foxes are primarily a space-bound community. After the Jihad, their vessels were reorganized into two types of Fleet. These Fleets are divided in a manner similar to the Galaxies and Clusters of other Clans. However, these divisions are not strictly military formations, since they contain substantial civilian elements as well.

The Sea Fox fleet is organized in two types of formations: Khanates and Aimags.

Each of the five autonomous Khanates is lead by a saKhan, except for the ilKhanate, which is the Khan's personal Khanate.[15]


The Khanate is the largest formation, which consists of five attending Aimag JumpShip fleets.[7]

Most Khanates and their Aimags bid for and fought over specific regions of space - worlds each Aimag and Khanate would use to further the revenue, honor, and glory of the Clan.[16]

There are five Khanates: Spina, Skate, Tiburon, Fox, and the ilKhanate.[11] The ilKhanate is the Clan's command fleet, moving and trading according to the will of the overall leaders of Clan Sea Fox, the Khan and the Alpha Council. The ilKhanate checks on the activities of the other Khanates, collecting ten percent of their profits as dues.[17] The Khan's flagship is referred to as the ilArcShip[18].


These are the smaller of the Clan Sea Fox formations. The Aimag is commanded by an ovKhan, who oversees all enclaves, business interaction with worlds, setting up colonies, fleet operations and the maintenance thereof.

There are five Aimags per Khanate. Each is named after one of the first five letters of the Greek alphabet: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Epsilon.

Sea Foxes generally deploy their Aimags individually in a wide area and not in close proximity to each other in order to maximize the rewards of getting economic deals cut between worlds.

On occasions when Aimags do meet, they conduct various rituals and trials such as: Live Fire Training Exercises (Ritual of Combat) and Bloodright Trials. It is not unusual for years to pass between meetings of Aimags.[19]

Aimags compete against one another for mining rights, the creation of colonies, setting enclaves, etc. Each Aimag tries to win profit & glory as well as honor to their deeds.

Shoal Clusters[edit]

Ground-bound enclaves are protected by Shoal Clusters. These Clusters, staffed by retired warrior-merchants and cadets, serve multiple roles. In addition to their traditional defensive duties, Shoal Cluster warriors are called upon to pilot IndustrialMechs in support of their enclave's activities. They additionally serve as test pilots for new or experimental designs.[20]

As the exact number of Sea Fox enclaves is unknown—and indeed, fluctuates substantially—it is unknown how many Shoal Clusters are fielded by Clan Sea Fox.

Sea Fox ships[edit]

Clan Sea Fox uses heavily-modified former WarShips as mother ships and bases of operation. These fall into two categories, known as CargoShips and ArcShips.

Both types of ships typically retain their Interplanetary drives. However these are rarely used due to the structural changes caused by the refits that created the CargoShips and ArcShips. The changes include the removal of armor and weaponry in order to allow them to roam both the Clan Occupational Zones and Inner Sphere freely.[6]

  • CargoShip - These are redesigned WarShips which have been reconfigured to become dedicated roving, long-term habitats and mobile supply stations. These ships are part of the core of a typical Aimag fleet.[7][6] Gutted DropShips (typically Behemoth-class) are permanently attached to the hull of these ships to expand living/working space.
  • ArcShips - These are redesigned WarShips which have been reconfigured to be societal points of congress and house the core governmental structures for the entire Clan.[7] They have been extensively modified to add habitats in their former cargo bays as well as along the outer hull. ArcShips are typically former Potemkin-class WarShips, which have been extensively lengthened, widened, and increased in mass. Among the largest ArcShips is the Poseidon, which grew in mass to 2.5 Million tons.[21]

Apart from the two specialized classes of ships, the Sea Foxes possess an extensive JumpShip fleet consisting of both Inner Sphere and Clan built designs. The Sea Foxes have former military DropShips which have been converted to serve as cargo haulers, which retain some military capability. A common DropShip in Sea Fox service is the demilitarized Overlord-C which are used primarily as cargo haulers. The ship has only one BattleMech bay with a capacity of one Trinary of 'Mechs or Combat Vehicles.

Known ArcShips and CargoShips[edit]

Clan Sea Fox Ranks and Uniforms[edit]

Clan Sea Fox ranks[edit]

Clan Sea Fox has a similar ranking system to those of the more "normal" Clans. However, they also possess exclusive ranks and roles only found within their clan.

  • saKhan - Individual who commands a Khanate fleet formation and all of its Aimag's assets. The saKhan is answerable to the Khan of the Sea Foxes.
  • ovKhan - Individual who command an Aimag fleet and assets. Answers to the saKhan of their assigned Khanate.
  • saFactor - Sea Fox chief negotiator of an Aimag fleet who is part of the Merchant Caste.
  • Master Merchant - Rank for a Sea Fox ship commander.[22]
  • Bloodmaster - Held by a member of the Scientist Caste, Bloodmasters spend their lives mastering their role—even going so far as to abandon their name and identity. Officiating the final pairing of a Trial of Bloodright, the Bloodmaster performs an intricate ceremony involving the two Bloodright coins, water taken from Twycross, and a gourd, funnel, and beaker.[23]


Uniforms - All Sea Fox uniforms are all blue, but the shoulder colors mark their subcaste types. Here are some examples: Yellow = teachers, Green = teachers, Red for eugenics, Double Stripes = Labor Caste.

Sea Foxes ceremonial leathers have details of Sea Fox displayed across torso of the suit.[24]


The ArcShip Titanic was described in Dark Age: Touring the Stars (3130) as the Tiburon Khanate's flagship, and described as a heavily modified Potemkin-class cruiser, now an ArcShip. However, during the Jihad the Clan Diamond Shark Titanic, which is also a Potemkin-class cruiser, was listed as lost during the breaking of the blockade of Clan Star Adder.[25] A question answered on the Classic BattleTech message board indicates that the Titanic that is currently an ArcShip is another ship renamed in honor of the previous vessel.[26] However, the Titanic was once more seen in a later sourcebook, creating doubt about what happened in Clan space with the original Titanic.

Unknown to the Inner Sphere, using information supplied by the Snow Ravens, a small Clan Diamond Shark salvage team secretly journeyed to Lum in 3075 to salvage the abandoned but still functional Snowflake, renaming it Titanic in honor of the lost vessel.[27]


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