Clan Snord

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Snord's Irregulars under Rhonda Snord called themselves Clan Snord during "Operation Merlin", their mission to rediscover Camelot Command in the Clan Occupation Zone in 3051. As they were themselves of Clan origin through Wolf's Dragoons, and familiar with Clan culture, they used Clan cultural tenets to their advantage as they battled their way thorugh the occupation zone, and styling themselves as a Clan was one such measure.

While "Clan Snord" was not an acknowledged Clan by any means, the calculated provocation served not only to enrage the Clan Jade Falcon elements opposing the Irregulars during their mission; it also allowed "Clan Snord" to bid and fight trials in the Clan style. This netted them large amounts of Clan technology, including OmniMechs, five Broadsword-class DropShips[1] and even Clan bondsmen when the irate Jade Falcons were lured into accepting a trial over Camelot Command where they bid an entire Dark Wing (solahma) Cluster's equipment should they lose.[2]

In May of 3054, Clan Jade Falcon Khan Chistu ordered the "bandits Snord" be destroyed, and two Clusters were sent to recapture Camelot Command. Rhonda Snord was warned in time by Wolfnet and her preparations allowed the Irregulars to beat off the attackers.[3]


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