Clan Homeworlds

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The Clan Homeworlds were the worlds ultimately settled by the Clans, far beyond the Inner Sphere in the Coreward Deep Periphery, behind the Caliban Nebula.

Regions of the Clan Homeworlds[edit]

The Pentagon Worlds[edit]

The original worlds settled by Aleksandr Kerensky and the Star League Defense Force at the end of Operation Exodus are called the Pentagon Worlds. The SLDF fleet arrived at the Pentagon 24 August 2786, landing their first colonists beginning on 17 September 2786.[1] The Pentagon Worlds are named for the cluster's near-perfect pentagonal shape. Here they established a new government called the Star League-in-Exile.[citation needed] All of the Pentagon Worlds are marginal colonies, especially compared with later Coreward colonies,[2] especially after the devastation of the Pentagon Civil War.[3]


A sixth colony just anti-spinward of the Pentagon, Fasa was colonized during the Pentagon Civil War by Circean spacefarers. Fasa is approximately 23 light-years anti-spinward of Circe. The system had a planet that, while unable to support life, was rich in surface or near-surface resources. Fasa colony was destroyed or dismantled by the Clans after its discovery in 2821.[4]

The Kerensky Cluster[edit]

In the following years terra-sciences surveys were conducted of nearby regions of space, especially Coreward and Spinward of the Pentagon. After more than 175 light years of marginal colonies (some settled by refugees of the Pentagon Civil War[5]), survey teams found another nearby cluster of habitable worlds, called the Kerensky Cluster, the most important of which was Strana Mechty.[2] The Kerensky Cluster would become the home of the Star League-in-Exile during the Pentagon Civil War.[6]

Exploration would continue after Nicholas Kerensky's Second Exodus,[7] while he formed the Clans and prepared to return to the Pentagon in Operation Klondike. In the following decades, especially the 2830s, most of the most promising colony worlds were settled.[8]

The Tanite Worlds[edit]

The Tanis system was discovered and occupied by Clan Cloud Cobra in 2965. During the Wars of Reaving a reborn Clan Burrock occupied the system. The Clans' response left the system devastated and abandoned.[9]


The Colleen system was discovered and settled in secret by Clan Blood Spirit in 3067.[10] Unnoticed for most of the Wars of Reaving, the Blood Spirits retreated to this system. The Cloud Cobras discovered the Blood Spirit colony in 3082. While the Cloud Cobras co-inhabited the system briefly, a massive tectonic event, combined with depredation of the Spirit colony by other Clans, led to destruction of the Blood Spirits.[citation needed]

With their Warrior Caste all but depleted, the Blood Spirits began to rely on their other castes to repel the Clans Coyote and Stone Lion. This un-Clanlike response led to a "Trial of Absorption" by Clan Star Adder; in reality, all Blood Spirit civilian and military assets in the system are believed to be destroyed. As of 3085, the system is believed uninhabited.[11]


The Clan Homeworlds are almost all barely habitable. Only two planets in the Kerensky Cluster, Vinton and York, are 100% self-sufficient.[12] While these colonies could have been made more self-sufficient in the centuries between their discovery and last contact during the Wars of Reaving, the martial focus of the Clans meant stabilization of these colonies was not a priority. It is arguable how much this may have helped their viability.[citation needed]


Clan Homeworlds 3067 Clan Homeworlds 3085 Deep Periphery and Clan Homeworlds 3067


  • According to author Blaine Lee Pardoe in a blog posting, he created the first map of Clan space when he wrote Wolf Clan Sourcebook (published in 1991). Regarding the names of various systems, he said that
    • Marshall, Albion, Niles and Homer were named after small towns in Michigan where he was raised;
    • Lum was named after a nickname his father had, a throwback to the old radio program Lum and Abner;
    • Grant's Station was named after the antique shop his parents owned in Galesburg, Michigan (Grant's Antique Market);
    • Roche was named for a great manager he had when working at Ford Truck Operations; and
    • Foster was named after Foster Brooks.

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