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Clan Star Adder
Faction Profile
Time period: 2807 - Present
Classification: Clan
Controlled systems: 13 (7 at 100%)[1]
Capital world: Hoard[2]; formerly Sheridan
Ruler title: Khan
Military: Clan Star Adder touman
Secret Service: Clan Star Adder Watch

One of the original twenty Clans created by Nicholas Kerensky, Clan Star Adder was long known for their practicality and desire for unity. Like their namesake, the star adder of Arcadia, the warriors of this Clan viewed themselves as perfect hunters, unhindered by corrupting distractions. For this reason they largely kept themselves aloof from Clan politics, though they joined the Crusader faction in calling for a return to the Inner Sphere. While the Star Adders failed to take part in the invasion, after the Burrock Absorption they quickly became one of the largest and most powerful Home Clans. In the Great Refusal they achieved one of the few wins for the Clans and expanded their already considerable holdings during the Wars of Possession. Though the Wars of Reaving were very destructive to the Clan Homeworlds, the Star Adders were able to weather the firestorm and emerge in a strong leadership position among the survivors.



Absalom Truscott, a Major in the Star League Defense Force, met and became friends with Nicholas Kerensky after his father's liberation of Moscow during the Star League Civil War. He followed the Kerenskys on their exodus from the Inner Sphere, settling on the Pentagon Worlds and testing high enough to earn a promotion as commander of the 149th BattleMech Division. When the Pentagon Civil War began, he was the only division commander to back Nicholas' claim of succeeding his father's position, and was among the first to join him in his Second Exodus.[3]

On Strana Mechty, Nicholas' trust in his old friend and mentor prompted him to select General Truscott as one of the first Khans and create his own Clan, granting Truscott freedom to shape it in his own way.[4] Khan Truscott in turn picked Master Sergeant Devon LeFabre as his saKhan and the two set about shaping the Star Adders. They built the Clan around teamwork, working off of the esprit de corps already present in SLDF soldiers, rather than high-minded idealism.[3] When it came time for planning Operation KLONDIKE, Khan Truscott was Nicholas' chief military advisor, and it was Clan Star Adder which commanded the WarShips and JumpShips used to scout the Pentagon worlds and gather the intelligence needed to plan the reconquest.[5][6]

Truscott oversaw Operation SABLE SUN, where ships from every Clan, but mostly from Clan Cloud Cobra, Clan Snow Raven, and his own Star Adders, carefully scouted the space and ground situations in every system of the Pentagon as well as the surrounding systems.[7]

Operation KLONDIKE[edit]

Main article: Operation KLONDIKE

When the time came to neutralize the space assets of the Arcadia system, Khan Truscott was in command. The Arcadia Naval Cache fell in a matter of minutes to overwhelming force, while the jump points were similarly pacified. Then ships that had seized the other objectives jumped to the orbit of Arcadia I, where they forced the surrender of the Texas-class battleship Perth and destroyed the Admiral Schone, a Riga-class frigate.[8]

Truscott and his Star Adders then joined Clan Blood Spirit, Clan Ghost Bear, and Clan Steel Viper in the Arcadia ground campaign. Once again, Truscott was in charge of planning for the other Clans, which caused some resentment against him and the Star Adders.[9] They anticipated facing the Nation of Hastur and the Ilkasur Shogunate on the continent of West Arcadia first, before moving on to other groups and other continents.[10]

Khan Truscott had given the Ghost Bears the mission of securing the landing zone on the Aeschel Plateau for the other three Clans. Instead, they landed close to the Hastur capital city Cyaegha. The Star Adders came down to find their landing zone already contested by Hastur and Shogunate aerospace fighters, which combined outnumbered the Star Adder fighters five to one. Two Star Adder DropShips were damaged enough that they could not leave atmosphere, and the auxiliaries were ordered back to orbit to wait.[10]

Deploying, the Star Adders found that they faced the Shogunate camp within a few kilometers and Shogunate fighters still in the air, though the Hastur fighters at least withdrew quickly after losing two of their own. Twenty minutes after touchdown, the Star Adders had lost one fighter in exchange for seven of the Shogunate's. The Clan owned the air, but fuel was a problem.[10]

Truscott's ground forces found themselves partially surrounded and facing a combined-arms regiment from the Shogunate. The Star Adders fought from under the cover of their DropShips' weapons. For forty minutes the two forces probed and counterattacked, leading to a stalemate. Then Hinke al-Paz, the Shogunate commander, shifted fire to the grounded DropShips. SaKhan Devon LeFabre led most of the Star Adder forces to split the Shogunate line, with Truscott commanding a Binary to hold the Star Adder Flanks. LeFabre's forces wheeled to pin half the Shogunate forces against the Star Adder DropShips while Truscott's Binary engaged the other half. Al-Paz ordered a retreat in good order, and the Star Adders could only pursue with one Trinary. The Shogunate force was soon defeated by the Blood Spirits and Steel Vipers who had grounded a hundred kilometers away, with the Star Adder Trinary assisting.[11]

Victory cost the Star Adders much: two DropShips destroyed, half their machines disabled or destroyed, the rest requiring repairs, and nine dead, including Khan Absalom Truscott. With the loss of the Star Adder Khan's direction, the Ghost Bears continued on their own path, while the Blood Spirits convinced the Steel Vipers to continue following at least the outline of Truscott's plan. The Star Adders, heavily damaged, continued largely alone.[12]

While the Clan recovered, a single Trinary was sent out to take objectives from the Nation of Hastur, beginning with a large supply convoy that had originally attracted the Shogunate forces to the area. Armed with intelligence data from the Shogunate prisoners, the Star Adders were able to capture outposts from both nations and destroy two Hastur patrols.[12]

Tensions soon flared with the Ghost Bears, who felt that the Star Adders were taking objectives that were rightfully theirs.[13] While on patrol near the Hastur outpost Warm Springs, Star Commander Ge DeMarque engaged Hastur forces and pursued them toward the town. Her Star encountered two Ghost Bear 'Mechs, but the Bears had changed IFF codes and comm frequencies without notifying the other Clans, so they were not identified as friendlies. The Star Adders destroyed the Hastur forces and both Ghost Bear 'Mechs in minutes, at the cost of one Star Adder 'Mech destroyed. Before ilKhan Nicholas Kerensky could be called in to arbitrate, Khan Colleen Schmitt of the Blood Spirits mediated a resolution: both sides stood down, the Star Adders surrendered a single BattleMech to the Ghost Bears, and the Ghost Bears agreed to greater cooperation with the other Clans on-world.[14]

The Star Adders next faced the Ravisham Collective, which had already created problems for the Clans. While the Ghost Bears were also originally tasked with conquering the collective, they were not finished with their campaign, and so the Star Adders took the lead. Star Colonel Kensington Talasko took the town of Yprili with an orbital drop of a Binary. Then, the entire Clan Star Adder force dropped into the Ravisham capital of Toomin. The battle took three hours. Even using waves of civilian suicide attacks, Ravisham was only able to damage two Star Adder 'Mechs. Premier Ravisham escaped to the mountains and waged a guerrilla campaign for five weeks, only to be captured, turned over to his own former subjects, and publicly beheaded. Other towns were either swiftly taken or surrendered without fighting.[15]

The Star Adders and the Ghost Bears, still on poor terms, had the task of subduing the continent of Rechlan together. While the Ghost Bears began at Garrak and moved east, the Star Adders took Korban and went west and north to face the Dragon's Republic, notable for possessing the only intact Brian Cache on the planet. Republic garrisons and patrols fell easily to the Star Adders, so Governor-General Sabatine Olmstaad concentrated her remaining forces at the Brian Cache. For six weeks the Star Adders laid siege to the cache, closing each entrance in turn with everything from mining equipment and weapons fire up to careful use of atomic demolition. Desertions from the Republic were slow at first, but grew steadily, until the 47th day when forces abandoned the cache en masse. Olmstaad, her husband, and some of her aides were all found dead, having taken their own lives the day before.[16]

Clan Star Adder had already taken the rest of the Republic during the siege, and so their only remaining task was to loot the Brian Cache of anything useful and then demolish the entire structure. On 7 January 2822, the Star Adder campaign on Arcadia came to a successful close.[17]

Fending Off Mongooses[edit]

Prior to Operation KLONDIKE, Khans Truscott and LeFabre had examined the possibility of conquering the small number of human colonies which had been set up outside the Pentagon Cluster. With KLONDIKE over and LeFabre in command, the Star Adders immediately began the process of extending their territory into the Kerensky Cluster; by 2834 they had succeeded in colonizing areas in four separate systems. Three years later Clancy Truscott, blood son of Absalom Truscott and newly elected Star Adder Khan, moved his Clan's capital from Arcadia to Sheridan as a symbol of his commitment to expanding Star Adder territory.[5]

Clan Mongoose saw this expansion as a direct threat to them, and in 2844 launched two attacks against Star Adder holdings on Tathis and Marshall. The Trinary of Mongoose 'Mechs sent to take Tathis were defeated in battle with the Quasar Keshik, under the command of saKhan Dembe N'Buta. On Marshall though the Mongooses deployed an entire Cluster, commanded by Star Colonel Miguel Riley, against just two Binaries and a few garrison troops. The Mongoose warriors made no effort to limit collateral damage, charging through built-up civilian areas and laying waste to everything in pursuit of Adder forces; the Star Adders would later claim that this destruction of their infrastructure was done on purpose. Within a week the Star Adder warriors had been defeated, but such was their anger at the Mongooses' disregard for their property that the civilians took up arms against them. In response Star Colonel Riley ordered the civilians massacred, killing tens of thousands and leaving the colony in flames.[18][19]

SaKhan N'Buta pursued Star Colonel Riley to Tokasha, where he proceeded to hunt down and kill every single Mongoose warrior who had been involved in the massacre. N'Buta himself personally executed Riley and his last remaining officers, then sent the headless corpse to Mongoose Khan Davis Riley with a message: "This is your surkairede. To forgive is expected; to forget is impossible." Claiming the planet as isorla, he forcibly relocated the entire Mongoose population to Marshall.[18]

Clan Mongoose was undaunted by the response though and for the next two decades, as the Golden Century began, they continued to harry the Star Adders without much success. This changed in 2863 when they deployed their newly acquired OmniMechs en masse against the Star Adders. Multiple worlds fell to the Mongoose advance; sensing an opportunity, Clan Coyote launched their own attack on the Star Adders as well. By the time the two invasions had run their course Star Adder territory had been cut in half.[18][19]

The Star Adders had salvaged enough OmniMechs to begin building their own though, and in 2868 launched a multi-Galaxy attack on the Mongooses. The timing was most unfortunate for Clan Mongoose, currently embroiled in conflict with Clan Smoke Jaguar, forcing the Mongoose Khan Walter Martindale to try and plead his case in the Grand Council for a reprieve from the Smoke Jaguars to focus on the Star Adder threat. This attempt at politicking horribly backfired and instead the Smoke Jaguars were granted the right to Absorb the Mongooses, much to the chagrin of the Star Adders given their historical rivalry with Clan Mongoose.[18][20] Before the Trial could begin Smoke Jaguar Khan Theodore Osis was informed of the current Adder assault on the Mongooses, a fact which greatly angered him given his recently won right to Absorb a hated foe. The Grand Council managed to mollify the Khan's rage, allowing for the Star Adders' assault to end just as the Trial of Absorption began.[19]

Even after succeeding in assimilating his enemy, Khan Osis was still angered at what he saw as the Star Adders interference. He brought up charges against the Star Adders in the Grand Council, claiming they had denied the Smoke Jaguars the "full measure of victory" by softening up the Mongooses before the Jaguars finished them off. The Grand Council denied such preposterous allegations and recognized the Star Adders' right to extract recompense for previous Mongoose attacks. Khan Osis was forced to back down, but his attempt to 'punish' the Star Adders, and the fact the Smoke Jaguars had taken Mongoose assets which the Star Adders still believed belonged to them, started a simmering feud between the two Clans.[20][21]

Conspiracies of Blood[edit]

After the Absorption of Clan Mongoose, the Star Adders sought to rebuild their strength by expanding their territory, though their losses over the previous years had diminished their capacity for such expeditions. After seeing the successes of Clan Nova Cat with their reintroduction of futures trading, saKhan Harian N'Buta approached Clan Burrock with a similar proposal: in exchange for transporting their exploration and colonization teams to various worlds, the Burrocks would receive a percentage of any new discoveries. Burrock Khan Stephen Linn agreed to the proposal, and the two Clans prospered massively from the resulting exploitation of valuable minerals and other natural resources.[21]

By this time the Golden Century had given way to the Political Century, and Clan society was increasingly polarized into two camps: Crusaders seeking a violent return to the Inner Sphere and Wardens who wished to remain isolated. Most Star Adder MechWarriors believed in the Crusader cause, but felt that firstly the Clans had to unite in order for any invasion to succeed.[21]

Clan Coyote was more bitterly divided between the two factions, and in this division Star Adder saKhan Carson Graves saw a chance to overthrow a rival Clan. He met with a number of Crusader-leaning Bloodname House leaders from the Coyote Clan, ostensibly about providing support and possible reinforcements to their attempt to overthrow the Warden leadership. In truth saKhan Graves intended to use these meetings to bring fraudulent charges before the Grand Council and convince it to allow their Absorption by the Star Adders.[21][22]

Coyote Khan Tatiana Steele discovered the plot, and the resulting Blood Scandal caused the Reaving of all eight traitorous Bloodhouses. In response to the saKhan's involvement in the scandal, Khan Eamon Phoushath declared a Trial of Grievance against his subordinate and defeated him in combat. The Adder saKhan was stripped of rank and, along with his genetic legacy, was given over to Khan Steele as surkairede. Khan Steele had him executed and his legacy destroyed, but then demanded that the Star Adders perform a Reaving of his Bloodhouse as well. The Adder Khan refused, an act which reignited the feud between the two Clans.[21][22]

Operation REVIVAL[edit]

At the beginning of the thirty-first century, Clan Jade Falcon proposed that the time was right to return to the Inner Sphere and conquer it in the name of a reborn Star League. Clan Wolf sidestepped this proposition with a scheme of their own, the Dragoon Compromise, which would hold off the invasion until more could be learn about the current state of the Inner Sphere. While many Star Adder warriors were unhappy with such a delaying tactic, Khan Gerrik N'Buta saw the wisdom in such intelligence gathering and convinced his warriors to support the proposal. Khan N'Buta even offered to help train and equip Wolf's Dragoons, an offer which Khan Kerlin Ward politely declined.[21]

As reports streamed back to Clan space from Wolf's Dragoons, the Star Adders took to their preparations with great enthusiasm. Frontline and garrison troops engaged each other in mock battles using Inner Sphere fighting tactics for what they believed was their imminent return. However, reports from Wolf's Dragoons became less and less frequent, until eventually stopping altogether, which caused a great row between the Crusaders and Wardens for the apparent treachery of the Dragoons. The Star Adders Khans stayed above such squabbling though and limited their raiding of the other Clans, anticipating that the invasion was guaranteed to occur sooner or later. In the meantime, the Star Adders would continue their war games, fighting hundreds of scenarios over the succeeding decades.[23]

When the Outbound Light was captured and presented to the Grand Council by the Smoke Jaguars, the moment had arrived. Though there remained enmity between his Clan and the Jaguars, Khan N'Buta spoke in favor of Khan Leo Showers' argument for an immediate invasion, and after weeks of debate the motion passed. Based on their previous wargaming though, the Star Adders knew that the invasion would be a long and costly affair, unlike the other Crusaders who believed a quick victory was assured. During the planning for Operation REVIVAL Khan N'Buta urged caution — a warning which was promptly ignored — and when it came time to decide which Clans would participate the Star Adders' conservative bidding caused them to be eliminated in the first round.[23]

As the invasion was underway, the disappointed Star Adders were entirely complacent. With many of the strongest Clans away, those who remained, including Clan Star Adder, began attacking those left behind to fill in the power vacuum. Clan Star Adder's attacks were primarily directed against Clan Diamond Shark, especially after the Battle of Tukayyid when the Diamond Shark touman was mauled by the Com Guards.[23]

Burrock Absorption[edit]

Not long after the Refusal War, Khan Cassius N'Buta uncovered shocking evidence that showed a close relationship between the leadership of Clan Burrock and the Dark Caste, including evidence of Khan Jocelyn Siddiq actively covering up her and her predecessor's involvement with the bandits. The Star Adder Khan brought this revelation to the Grand Council in February 3059 and demanded an immediate Trial of Absorption against the Burrocks, which was granted.[23]

The beginning of the Burrock Absorption went well for the Star Adders, who succeeding in killing both Burrock Khans and a Galaxy Commander implicated in the cover-up. This success was unexpectedly interrupted by the intervention of Clan Blood Spirit, archenemies of the Burrocks, who had sought to Absorb the Burrocks themselves. Outraged by their interference, the Star Adders and Burrocks temporarily allied to fight together against the Blood Spirits. Though their losses were numerous — the Star Adders losing forces equivalent to three full Galaxies and the Burrocks losing almost four — the Blood Spirits were devastated by the counterattack: effectively five of seven Galaxies committed to the assault were destroyed for no gain. After their withdrawal, the Adders and Burrocks continued with the Trial, although for the most part the Burrocks offered only token resistance out of shame for their former commanders' actions.[23]

After their successful absorption and integration of Burrock warriors, Clan Star Adder now had the largest touman and second largest WarShip fleet of any Clan. Their prestige was further enhanced by the fact that, during the Great Refusal on Strana Mechty, the Star Adders were the only Clan (aside from the Jade Falcons) who managed to defeat their Inner Sphere opponents. With the annihilation of the Smoke Jaguars, the relocation of Clan Ghost Bear to their Occupation Zone, and severe weakening of Clans Jade Falcon and Wolf, the Star Adders were left as the most powerful military force in Clan space.[24]

Wars of Reaving[edit]


The Wars of Reaving left the Adders as one of the last and biggest Home Clans. Despite their isolation, in 3088 they launched a scouting mission into the Hanseatic League, which cost them dearly, as they lost two full Clusters and the Pegasus.[25][26]


The Star Adders were noted for several traits, most notably their pragmatism. Unlike other Clans which worshiped at the altar of the Kerensky father-son duo, the Star Adders saw them as simply outstanding military leaders. Four Adjutant positions were created by the Clan's first Khan, Absalom Truscott, to guide the vast Clan bureaucracy: Naval Adjutant, Intelligence Adjutant, Logistics Adjutant, and Adder's Adjutant. Defense Adjutant was created in the next century by Khan Tomas Banacek. Meanwhile, another position, the Adder Keeper, enabled advice to the Khan from the lower ranks of the Warrior caste. Though they subscribed to the inherent superiority of the Warrior Caste, relations with the civilian castes were excellent thanks to mutual respect and understanding between the two. While having no direct vote in the Clan Council, civilians could have their voices heard through the position of Adder's Adjutant. Created in recognition of the vital role the other castes would play in supporting the warriors, the Adder's Adjutant served as the assigned mouthpiece of the civilian castes and passed on their concerns directly to the Adder Khans.[27][28] The others championed naval, intelligence, second line defensive military assets, and lower warrior rank concerns.[20]

Their most recognizable trait was their belief in unity: the easy fraternal attitude within the Clan was similar to the "family" atmosphere of the Ghost Bears. Good-natured sparring and competition were frequent, and internal politicking approached that of the Snow Ravens, with loyalty first to a warrior's unit, then their Bloodhouse, then the Clan. However, deep resentments between units and individuals was practically unheard of and no Adder would do anything to jeopardize the well-being of their Clan. This same attitude extended to the taking of bondsmen and to freeborns as well: if a warrior could prove themselves fit and able they would be accepted, no matter their origin.[27][20]

Unlike other Clans, the Star Adders never 'worshiped' their totem animal with elaborate ceremonies or rituals. However, after the Inner Sphere invasion, many younger Adder warriors began the practice of wearing a live star adder as part of their ceremonial uniforms. Some even took their "pets" with them into battle.[20][29]


Inter-Clan Relations[edit]

Given their aversion to politics, the Star Adders had few friends or foes.

Clan Name Symbol Relationship Reason
Clan Stone Lion Clan Stone Lion logo.png Ally Post-Reaving, Clan Stone Lion is considered a de facto ally due to the Star Adders' part in creating them.
Clan Cloud Cobra Clan Cloud Cobra.jpg Ally The Star Adders were allies with Clan Cloud Cobra, which was strengthened by the Star Adders' willingness to observe Clan Burrock's pledge to help garrison Cloud Cobra's Tanite world holdings.
Clan Coyote Clan Coyote.jpg Enemy The Coyotes still hold a grudge with the Adders for the actions of Carson Graves. After the Reavings, they would forgive the Coyotes for their grudge and role in the Society, wanting to move on and rebuild.
Clan Fire Mandrill Clan Fire Mandrill.jpg Enemy The Fire Mandrills, allies of the Blood Spirits and also enemies of the Burrocks, have done much the same. The Fire Mandrills' fractious nature compared to the Star Adder belief in unity makes the Mandrills one of the few Clans the Star Adders disdain, until the Mandrill's destruction.
Clan Blood Spirit Clan Blood Spirit logo.png Enemy The Blood Spirits transferred their feud with the Burrocks to the Star Adders, which the Adders return for the Blood Spirit intervention in the Burrock Absorption. This hatred would cost the Spirits as they would later be destroyed by their sworn enemies after the Wars of Reaving.
Clan Steel Viper Clan Steel Viper logo.png Enemy During the Wars of Reaving, the Star Adders would work with the Steel Vipers (along with their other ally the Cloud Cobras) to form the Snake Alliance. The alliance was prospering, until the Star Adders turned on the Steel Vipers due to their "taint" and to increase their power base among the remaining Home Clans.
Clan Snow Raven Clan Snow Raven Insignia.png Enemy The Star Adders had excellent relations with the Snow Ravens, but their newly enhanced WarShip fleet has made the Ravens nervous and soured that relationship.
Clan Diamond Shark Clan Diamond Shark.jpg Enemy The Diamond Sharks were friendly rivals with the Adders and were respected, until the Reavings.


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Era Specific Data[edit]


Star Adder Demographics
Affiliation: Crusader
Population (Clan Space): 108,695,000 (3060)
Population growth rate: 2.4 percent (62/38)
Self-Sufficiency Index: 94 percent

Clan Space Worlds:
Albion (100 percent)
Arcadia (38 percent)
Brim (27 percent)
Dagda (22 percent)
Hoard (39 percent)
Huntress (16 percent)
Marshall (13 percent)
Priori (48 percent)
Sheridan (100 percent)
Tathis (20 percent)
Capital: Sheridan

Khan: Cassius N'Buta
saKhan: Tabitha Paik
Loremaster: Dagmar Lahiri
Scientist-General: Bas (Meitner)
Merchant Factor: Sylvian
Master Technician: Armand
Senior Laborer: Francis

Clusters: 52
WarShips: 28


Clan Space Worlds:
Arcadia (100 percent)
Dagda (100 percent)
Gatekeeper (100 percent)
Hoard (100 percent)
Huntress (30 percent)
Londerholm (10 percent)
Sheridan (100 percent)
Strato Domingo (60 percent)
Tamaron (25 percent)
Tathis (20 percent)
Tiber (75 percent)
Capital: Hoard

Khan: Hannibal Banacek
saKhan: Wyatt Talasko
Loremaster: Sepha Paik

WarShips: 13


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