Clan Stone Lion

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Clan Stone Lion Logo
Clan Stone Lion
Faction Profile
Time period: 3075 - Present
Classification: Clan
Controlled systems: 10 (2 at 100%)[1]
Capital world: Tokasha[2]
Ruler title: Khan
Military: Clan Stone Lion Touman
Secret Service: Clan Stone Lion Watch

Named from the feline inhabiting the northern mountains of Tokasha, Clan Stone Lion was created from the remaining Homeworld members of Clan Hell's Horses after the Abjuration of their Inner Sphere portion in 3075.


On the 30th of April of 3075, the Grand Council met during the so-called Wars of Reaving. IlKhan Brett Andrews pointed out that there was still a tainted Clan among them, the Hell's Horses. Hell's Horses Galaxy Commander Magnus DelVillar stood in place of his Khans and Loremaster, refuting this charge. Andrews presented evidence of the Hell's Horses dealings with the Exiled Wolves, and in turn, the Kell Hounds mercenary band. DelVillar's only reply was to point out that the Hell's Horses in the Homeworlds had never even been to the Inner Sphere. The ilKhan then changed his tack, calling for the Abjuration of all Hell's Horses currently in the Inner Sphere, a vote that passed the council by a slim majority. A Trial of Refusal was fought against Clan Star Adder, who accepted all of the Hell's Horses' assets in the Homeworlds after their victory. But in a surprise twist, Khan N'Buta declared the existence of a new Clan, called Clan Stone Lion, bequeathing them with the former Horse assets and legacies left behind and DelVillar as Khan.[3]

Khan DelVillar recognized the need to establish the Clan quickly and distance it from their former Hell’s Horses existence. He instituted a series of Trials for resources and material across Clan space, though they are still considered a political pawn of Clan Star Adder by many. [4]

By 3088, the Lions had established a strong resource network. Their merchant caste is the smallest in Clan space, but the Lions struck several deals with Clan Coyote merchants, resulting in a flourishing partnership. [4]


The Stone Lions favor mobile forces, which allow them to chase down lighter opponents and choose what range to fight against heavier, slower opponents. Like the Hell’s Horses, the Stone Lions prefer to use combined arms tactics, making heavy use of combined arms tactics. Analysts expect that these second-line forces will be even more deadly when scientists are able to mate what few Nova CEWS systems are available to selected vehicle points.[5]



The Cleansing Path[edit]

Besides the Lions’ military prowess and resource-building, the Clan has also made strides in shedding their former image without completely disavowing it. Gone are the Branding rites and other Horse trappings. The only remaining nods to the Lions’ former life reside in its touman, as several Clusters retained their unit identifiers

In 3086, the Clan Council authorized a new rite of passage within the Clan, the Cleansing Path. The Cleansing Path is only open to the Bloodnamed. A warrior walking the Cleansing Path first locates a suitable mountain valley, preferably somewhere on Tokasha. Taking four other warriors—chosen from current and former Starmates or crew and not necessarily Bloodnamed—the participant builds a stone sweat lodge. Once complete, the warrior spends a minimum of fifty hours inside in meditation and purification, with only water to sustain him or her. Upon the participant’s emergence, the chosen warriors strike the naked warrior with slender nettle branches, mimicking the snapping tail of the Tokasha stone lion. The ritual is completed after the participant knocks down all of his or her tormentors. The Cleansed warrior is treated; the location of scars often indicative of the level of the warrior’s devotion to purging the past.

A Cleansed warrior is accorded additional honor if they do not collapse or utter a sound during the strikes. Regardless, those who undergo the deprivation and violence are given a gold braid to wear on their uniform and may paint such a braid on their war machine. Those who suffer the most and refuse to fall have a red thread running through the braid, indicating their utmost dedication to the Clan.

Khan DelVillar developed the Cleansing Path to remind the Clan of its violent origins. He was the first to undergo the rite and remained in the lodge for nearly 120 hours, a feat unmatched by any other Lion. Most of his scourging scars crisscross his torso, indicating his refusal to shield his core from abuse. The Cleansing Path is a requirement for any warrior advancing beyond the rank of Star Commander. Over three-quarters of the Clan’s Bloodnamed have undergone the Cleansing Path, a sure sign of the level of devotion to the ideals of the Clan and its leaders.[7]






Due to Clan Stone Lion being created from the remaining Homeworld members of Clan Hell's Horses their bloodnames only defer after the Abjuration of their Inner Sphere portion in 3075. Please see Clan Hell's Horses#Bloodnames for the Founding Bloodnames and Exclusive Bloodnames Post-Operation REVIVAL.

Exclusive Bloodnames Post-Wars of Reaving:[9]
General MechWarriors Elementals Aerospace Pilots ProtoMech Pilots
Cobb Lassenerra Houan Boit Grimheald
Mutola Moffat# Montose* Cochraine Dannvers
Ravenwater Steding Dwelley
Shared Bloodnames Post-Wars of Reaving:[9]
(Column titles signify the other Clans with which the Bloodnames are shared)
Escorpión Imperio Clan Cloud Cobra Clan Coyote Clan Star Adder
Hordwon Hordwon Ahmed# Masters#
Levien Koga Mikino*
Masters# Levien Moreau
Winson* Steele Winson*

* This signifies a Bloodname with a Bloodcount of five or less active Bloodrights
# This signifies a Steel Viper Bloodname

Era Specific Data[edit]


Clan Space Worlds[1]
Bearclaw (50 percent)
Glory (70 percent)
Huntress (10 percent)
Kirin (30 percent)
Londerholm (25 percent)
Niles (100 percent)
Strato Domingo (30 percent)
Tiber (5 percent)
Tokasha (100 percent)


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