Clan Wolf Invasion of the Republic (3137)

Clan Wolf Invasion of the Republic (3137)
Part of The Dark Age
Result Clan Wolf victory
Clan Wolf Republic of the Sphere
Commanders and leaders
Alaric Wolf
Forces involved
Several Several

Clan Wolf military operation based on a plan proposed by Alaric Wolf. The plan was created in request by Archon Melissa Steiner for Clan Wolf to move to the border of the Free Worlds League.

The plan called for Clan Wolf to invade the former Republic of the Sphere worlds in act to distract for Inner Sphere powers from Clan Wolf's move to the old Free Worlds League space. It is pointed out that Prefecture IX is a perfect funnel leading to Terra.

Invasion History[edit]

The Clan would announce to the Inner Sphere that the Wolves were tired of waiting, and had decided to take Terra for themselves. This action was to distract the nations of the Inner Sphere so the exodus to League space could begin.

Invasion forces were initially led by Star Colonels Alaric Wolf, Donovan Wolf, and Bjorn Wolf.

The invasion hit worlds primarily in the former Prefecture Nine, which included the worlds of Yed Posterior, Baxter, and Corridan IV. The announcement prompted the unification of militia, mercenary, and other organizations in the former prefecture. The actual assaults would be repelled, leaving the Wolves to actually take only Corridan IV. However, they also hit Jade Falcon controlled worlds such as Izar, Ryde, Kimball II & Kimball IV.

In early February of 3137 Unukalhai was conquered by Star Colonel Donovan's forces and they were then able to prevent the Wolf Hunters from reclaiming the world. Alaric Wolf was bargained back into Clan Wolf. On an outbound DropShip, Khan Seth Ward met with his Star Colonels to set Clan Wolf schedules to attack the three worlds of Skondia, Nusakan, and Alkalurops.

Star Colonel Donovan announced that he would lead Clan Wolf's Alpha Galaxy in a bid to conquer Skondia and Nusakan.

Donovan's rival, Star Colonel Hestia, bid the Seventh Battle Cluster against Star Colonel Edward's Third Battle Cluster for the right to conquer Alkalurops. Donovan gave Alaric command of the 4th Wolf Guards and the 279th Battle Cluster to take Nusakan.

On March 15th, the Skondia Rangers along with the mercenary battalion the Wolf Hunters faced Clan Wolf Star Colonel Donovan's 328th Assault Cluster and 13th Wolf Guard. Following Colonel Kerensky's plan, the Rangers and the Hunters use tactical trickery to get Donovan to split his forces multiple times and then take him apart piecemeal.

When Alaric arrived in Nusakan's orbit with the 279th, he kept the 4th Wolf Guard in reserve as he made his approach.

Nusakan was defended by three military formations: the remains of the Stormhammers commanded by Colonel Carl Tucker, the mercenary unit Colton's Screaming Demons led by Colonel Aynn Colton, and The Le Blon Djinn commanded by Colonel Verena.

Alaric, deciding Colonel Colton's unit was the most vulnerable of the three, made his initial attack against her. He sent an Aerospace Star to strafe and destroy her entire light mech company. After this attack, he managed to lure her command lance into direct combat with him.

The arrogant Colton fought to humiliate him. However, Alaric managed to take down all four of her Mechs, retaining his rank as Star Colonel. He allowed her and her people to return to her forces and face him with rest of the world's defenders.

Days later, Colonel Verena met with him and negotiated a Trial of Possession for the planet. On the 19th, they met in an arctic region known as the Mudana Refuge. There the units fought it out in a very tough battle. Despite taking heavy damage, the Wolf forces claimed victory. They managed to destroy the Djinn and batter the rest of her allied forces.

The next day, Anastasia Kerensky arrived to challenge Alaric, only to find that he was ceding the planet to her due to his forces being recalled by Khan Ward.