The informal term Clanbuster was coined by ComGuards MechWarriors on the eve of the Battle of Tukayyid, when ComStar upgraded certain BattleMech types with new technology to face the superior Clan technology. It could describe either an individual 'Mech that had been upgraded in this way, or any one specific Clanbuster configuration.[1]

When the Battle of Tukayyid was arranged, the upgrades were purposefully designed as field refits that were quick and easy to apply within a few months with ComStar's resources at the time. To this end, only readily available components were used that were reasonably easy to swap, mostly exchanging weapons for more advanced but similar weapons. ComStar also made extensive use of Vlar 300 XL fusion engines for these upgrades because they had a huge cache available on Terra.[1]

It should be noted that the Clanbusters, while sporting advanced technology that made them superior to most Inner Sphere 'Mechs at the time, were not as powerful as the moniker suggests. Although some were Star League era designs, they still essentially were basic frames with some quick and simple upgrades as opposed to advanced designs. Not designed to make the best use of the available advanced technology, they were still inferior compared to frontline Clan 'Mechs.[1]

Known Clanbuster upgrades[edit]


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