Carissa Dupree

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Carissa Dupree
Died May 3063
Affiliation Lyran Alliance
Rank Major

Major Carissa Dupree was the Lyran Alliance mercenary liaison officer assigned to the Black Knight Legion for their contract to support the Kentares Free Army in taking back Kentares IV on behalf of Archon Katherine Steiner-Davion.[1]


Scheming a Betrayal[edit]

During the Legion's successful campaign on Kentares, Carissa would begin to scheme against her employers. After the constant raids from the Kentares rebels, Legion, and death of Casey Nolan, Ian Dresari was feeling the pressure building up. Dupree, sensing desperation in Ian, would offer him a deal to turn against the the Legion. Ian would take Dupree's offer as she would attack the Black Knight Legion in an ambush, resulting in the deaths of Mandrill and Michael Lawhorn. It was speculated that Ian made the deal to remain neutral during the Steiner-Davion conflict on Kentares. Eric would claim the callsign of Black Knight and strike at both of them out of retribution.

Death & Legacy[edit]

On Voltrat 3, Carissa Dupree would single-handily defeat Eric's Lance leaving only him as the Mechwarrior to fight him. During the fighting, Major Carissa Dupree would eject from her Mech and run to an Escape Pod in an attempt to flee off-world. As a last ditch effort to eliminate the Black Knight Legion for good, she would order an orbital bombardment on the world, but was killed mid-flight before she could finish giving the order.

With Major Carissa Dupree dead, the Black Knight Legion would capture her death on footage for their advertisement to make an example out of anyone who would consider double-crossing the mercenaries. As a result of this, both the Black Knight Legion and Lyran Alliance would blacklist each other from contracts.


Dupree piloted a Mad Cat Mk II BattleMech.


Featured only in the apocryphal computer game MechWarrior 4: Black Knight, the character of Carissa Dupree is apocryphal as well.


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