Claymore (Individual Claymore-class DropShip)

Vessel Profile
Type DropShip
Class Claymore


The FCS Claymore was the first ship of her class to enter service; a new design of assault DropShip created by the Federated Commonwealth. The FCS Claymore was the result of a development program that began initially at the Shipil Company shipyards above Skye in 3047, stalled in the opening stages of the Clan invasion and then began again when the apparent vulnerability of Clan aerospace assets was exposed during battles at Radstadt.[1]

The FCS Claymore was launched at the end of 3053 and by mid-3064 was being tested in raids against the Clans by the 6th Lyran Guards. The FCS Claymore was considered enough of a success that in 3055 the class was in full production.[1]


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