A Codex is a Clan trueborn warrior's identification and service record and is especially important among the Bloodnamed. Typically worn as a bracelet, it records everything from battle honors, recorded kills and injuries to physical characteristics, test scores and genetic history, including to which Bloodhouse and generation the warrior belongs. The bracelet can also display an electronic representation of the warrior's DNA for identification purposes. This same information is also maintained in a central Genetic Repository and used by the scientist caste to determine which bloodlines to combine to create the perfect warrior.[1][2][3]

Freeborn warriors are also given a codex, however it only contains information about their career and health since only the genetic material of Bloodnamed trueborn warriors is used in the eugenics program.[1]

The term Master Codex is sometimes used in reference to the entire record of the Clan's breeding program. The master codex records the DNA maps and codex history of every warrior over centuries.[4]


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