Cole Daggert

Cole Daggert
Character Profile
Affiliation Free Worlds League

Cole Daggert was a thirty-second-century bureaucrat and chief tactical advisor to Captain General Anson Marik of the Marik-Stewart Commonwealth. Daggert was described as a tall man of African ancestory, noted to be in tight control of his emotions.


Daggert worked closely with the Captain General as the Lyran/Wolf invasion of the Free Worlds League space steadily tore the Commonwealth apart. As the invasion began to dig into the Commonwealth, Daggert repeatedly tried to resign his position. Anson continued to refuse to allow him resign, threating to "resign" him into a dungeon. Their relationship was tumultuous, as the Captain-General was prone to arguing and yelling as his primary form of communication.[1]

Daggert was the architect for the hit and run tactics used by the Silver Hawk Irregulars during the invasion of the Commonwealth.

He traveled with Anson from the Commonwealth's temporary capital on Atreus to the world of Stewart as try they tried stay ahead of the invasion. By May 3138, after the massacre of Helm, it became obvious that the Commonwealth was on the verge of defeat. After hearing of the horrible news of the treatment of his soldiers, Anson slid into an emotional slump. Daggert continued to oversee operations as the Captain-General would not allow others to speak to him nor respond to their presence.

As the invasion of Stewart drew, Daggert had finally aroused Anson's famous anger by mentioning how the world of Ariel had asked for aid from "Captain-General" Jessica Marik. Anson turned to Daggert after his long speech of frustrations and told him that he needed Cole to remain, as he was the only one who told him the truth about what was really going on. With this insight, Daggert had an epiphany into how to salvage victory.

The invasion of Stewart began on June 5th. Lyran and Wolf forces began to move from the south of the capital city of New Edinburgh to try to prevent any escape via the northern highway, bypassing Anson's palace and the location of Parliament.

Daggert's plan called for the Silver Hawks to leave a few companies of their forces in the city, while the remainder were ordered off planet to New Hope, via the northern highway to the city of MacDonald. He and Anson devised a plan to use Anson's motorcrade to lead the enemy forces to believe it was Anson trying to escape to a temporary DropShip Port west of the city. The trap succeeded: key command units attempted to intercept the motorcade. Instead, explosives in the limousines nearly killed Duke Vedet.

Enraged, the Duke ordered his First Hesperus Guards to charge the palace looking for Anson, as Daggert had planned. Daggert was then ordered off planet. He tried to convince Anson to go with him and the Hawks, but Anson refused.

Daggert went with the remaining Silver Hawks forces to the world of New Hope, one of the old Silver Hawks Coalition worlds. There the Silver Hawks would remain mostly intact. Though Anson died in the attack on his palace, also part of Daggert's plan, Anson's legacy would be that the Silver Hawks continued to survive and serve the people of House Marik.

With no government to serve, Daggert Cole retired and privately toasted to the memory of Anson Marik.


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