Colin McBurnham

Colin McBurnham
Character Profile
Rank MechWarrior
Profession MechWarrior

MechWarrior Colin McBurnham was a MechWarrior of proud Scottish descent.[1][2][3]


McBurnham was well known for cursing in Scottish Gaelic during the heat of battle. He was also reputed to be skilled in city fighting, loving the tense anticipation of waiting for an enemy to blunder into an ambush. His favored tactic was hiding dark alleys while enemy 'Mech columns past, only to reach out and grab the last 'Mech and kill it without a sound.

At one point his then regimental commander could not believe it was possible to kill a 'Mech so quietly, and so tagged along during the next battle for a demonstration, coming away afterwards both impressed and even somewhat terrified by what he had seen.[1][2][3]


McBurnham was known to pilot an Enforcer BattleMech, nicknamed "Bannockburn", which was painted in his family's dark green, brown and blue tartan colors.[1][2][3]


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