Colonization Procedure Referendum

The Colonization Procedure Referendum was a law passed by the Terran Alliance Parliament restricting and regulating all colonization activity.[1]


On April 26, 2128, the colonist JumpShip Liberator, carrying hundreds of people, jumped out-system never to be seen again.[1][2]

Following this disaster, the Terran Alliance Parliament passed the Colonization Procedure Referendum restricting and regulating all colonization activity. All extrasolar colonization was to be controlled by the Alliance Foreign Ministry and escorted by the newly formed Terran Space Navy. Further requirements included stipulations that all colony ships would need to be registered with the Alliance and equipped with a transponder continuously broadcasting a unique identifier, no person with a name on a list of subversives would be allowed to travel without a special waiver and colonies would be appointed an Alliance governor, who had the authority to use force. The law's provisions took effect immediately upon its passage.[1]

This had the unintended effect of curbing colonization temporarily.[2]


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