Colt Medium Fighter
Production information
Manufacturer Edasich Aerospace Corporation
Use Air-To-Ground Fire Support
Strike Craft
Tech Base Primitive
Chassis Type (Size) Fixed-Wing (Medium)
Equipment Rating D/D-X-X
Introduced 2354[1]
Technical specifications
Mass 40
Structural Integrity 6
Speed 5
Top Speed 8
Power Plant ICE
Fuel (Type/Range) Fossil
Communications System Unspecified
Fire Control System Advanced
Armament 2x LRM-5
Heat Sinks None
Armor Primitive
Barrier Armor Rating (BAR) 5
Crew Total Crew = 4
  • 2 Officers
  • 2 Gunners
BV (2.0) 247[2]


The Colt was a Medium sized conventional fighter originally used by the Lyran Commonwealth as an air & ground support craft in the early years of its existence.


The fighter's inception was due in part to the Lyran Commonwealth's formation, which was a politically chaotic and economically thriving time. The Colt was designed as an all purpose vehicle able to act as a fighter and attack plane. It was known to be rather inexpensive, which would help fuel its early popularity. Edasich Aerospace began selling the Colt to various planetary militias and private security concerns within the Commonwealth starting in 2354. The Colt would later gain fame due in part to Archon Robert Marsden, who used the plane to bolster his forces while rooting out rebellious factions within the Commonwealth in 2378. Its sterling record would keep the fighter in service until 2530, when it was phased out of production.[3]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The Colt was manufactured with Primitive Technology, which was not unlike technology used to build civilian Support Fixed-Winged Aircraft in later centuries. The technology used to build the Colt was less automated, which meant that it required a larger crew. The Colt's engineers would design the plane with a focus on weaponry first and crafting other features as secondary capabilities.

Protecting the fighter's skin is 1.5 tons of Primitive Armor, which is on par with BAR-5 Grade civilian commercial armor. With only 3.5 tons of fuel the craft does not have long range. While external tanks can be added to the fighter, its 5 external hardpoints are dedicated to carrying bombs and other ordnance.

The Colt's only weapons are its 5-Tubed Long-Range Missile Launchers mounted on its wings. Twenty four reloads of ammunition are fed from craft's center fuselage. The fighter's weapons were guided by an Advanced Fire Control system to assure accuracy.[4]


  • Colt Medium Fighter (SRM) 
    A later variant of the Colt introduced in 2375, this version of the plane simply swaps out the LRM-5 launchers for pair of SRM-4 with a single ton of ammunition.[5]


  • The image of the Colt Medium Fighter was originally used by the Defender conventional Fighter.
  • The Colt Medium Fighter's Equipment Rating is D/D-X-X. This equipment rating is not upgraded version used with addition of the Dark Age Era.
  • As of this writing, the Colt's SRM variant mentioned in the fighter's background information has no published record sheet.[6]

Design Quirks[edit]

The Colt Medium Fighter has the following Design Quirks;


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