ComStar and Word of Blake Infantry Kit

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The ComStar/Word of Blake Infantry Armor Kit is the standard-issue armor kit for infantry of the Com Guards and Word of Blake Militia. While ComStar had access to a variety of Star League lostech, they were never quite able to truly replicate the armor kit worn by Star League Defense Force troopers, especially the helmet. To compensate their helmets are equipped with miniature sensors which use ultrasonic pulses to "see" through walls. These miniature versions have only half the range of their larger cousins though, and the helmet only provides a 120° field of vision, a third of the capability of SLDF helmets.[1]


Equipment Rating:
Helmet: F/D-D-D/F
Suit: D/E-E-E/E
Boots: B/A-A-A/A
Gloves: B/A-A-A/A
Helmet: 4/5/5/3
Suit: 4/6/5/4
Boots: 2/3/3/1
Gloves: 1/1/1/1
Helmet: 1200/-
Suit: 3000/120
Boots: 48/10
Gloves: 30/-
Helmet: 2 kg
Suit: 8 kg
Boots: 2 kg
Gloves: 500 g
Helmet: Head
Suit: Torso, Arms, Legs
Boots: Feet
Gloves: Hands
Helmet: Military Communicator; Infrared Scanner; Night Vision; Rangefinder; Ultrasonic Detector (5m range); Requires HC Micro Power Pack (3PPH); +1 Perception; AV 8 vs Flash



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