Combat Engineer

Royal Engineers, 1st Lyran Royal Guards RCT
Platoon Type (Specialty) Motorized (Combat Engineer: Trench/Fieldworks)
Platoon Size (Squad/Platoon) 14 (7/2)
Technical specifications
Primary Weapon 14 Gunther MP-20 SMGs
Secondary Weapon None
Armor Lyran Alliance Standard Infantry Kit (3060 Issue)
Tech Base/Rating Inner Sphere (C/X-E-C)
Transport Weight 5 tons
Ground MP 3
Jump MP 0
Armor Divisor 2
To-Hit Modifier (Range in Hexes) 0 (0 Hexes)
BV (2.0) 44 [1]


Combat Engineer is a term that covers a wide variety of jobs, from bridge-building to firefighting to minesweeping.[2] For the Royal Engineers of the 1st Royal Guards, their role is that of a traditional combat engineer: construction and demolition. Though combat engineers have a separate reporting structure in the LCAF, the Royal Engineers will integrate with any regular unit to get the job done. Though sometimes scoffed at by the regular grunts, any general will tell you that the Royal Engineers are a force to be feared.[3]


The typical armament of the Royal Engineers is the Gunther MP-20 SMG, a powerful and reliable weapon. Though lacking in support weapons, each Engineer carries equipment to build or tear down any sort of fieldwork.

Alpha Strike[edit]

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