Combat Operations

Combat Operations
Product information
Type Rules supplement
Development Randall N. Bills
Primary writing Chris Hartford
Pages 144
Cover artwork Franz Vohwinkel
Illustrations Chris Lewis
Matthew Plog
Publication information
Publisher FanPro
Product code 10979
First published 2003
ISBN-10 1932564039
ISBN-13 978-1932564037
MSRP 24.99 US$
Content Campaign rules & boardgame rules expansion


Combat Operations is a rule expansion for the CBT game system and provides background material on how war is conducted in the BattleTech universe. As such, it doubles both as a sourcebook and a rules supplement. It also doubles as a method for transferring gaming data between the CBT:RPG and CBT board game.

From the back cover[edit]

The FedCom Civil War: 89 Federated Suns regiments/RCT/Militia units; 75 Lyran Alliance regiments/RCT/Militia units; 41 mercenary regiments; 8 ComStar Divisions; 11 Draconis Combine regiments; 2 Capellan Confederation regiments.

All fought across a thousand lights on well over a hundred planetary systems for five long years. Now you can recreate it!

The Classic BattleTech Combat Operations rules expansion is the most comprehensive rules system for campaign play ever published for BattleTech.

Modern Warfare: Provides players with a primer on how war is waged by each major faction in the BattleTech universe.

BattleTech Operations Rules: Provides expanded rules for the creation, running and play of any type of military force.

AeroTech 2 Operations Rules: Expanded rules provide additional depth of play for any AeroTech 2 game, as well as integrated BattleTech and AeroTech 2 play.

Infantry Platoon Construction: Extensive rules for constructing almost any type of standard infantry platoon found in the BattleTech universe are provided.

Strategic Game: A rules framework that allows players to run grand-scale campaigns utilizing every aspect of warfare—combat, technology, subterfuge and assassination, politics and more—is provided.

Faction Force Tables: Comprehensive table of units available, by major era, to every major and minor faction in the BattleTech universe. Here's your chance to build that Star League division to take back Terra!


  • "By Any Means" – an introductory fiction story

BattleTech Operations Rules[edit]

Details expansion and strategic options

  • Force creation rules
  • Force sizes
  • Purchasing supplies
  • Salaries
  • New equipment assign rules
  • Morale and fatigue
  • Maintenance, repair, and medical services

Infantry Platoon Construction Rules[edit]

Creating new types of infantry forces

  • Converting RPG weapons & equipment into CBT
  • Assembling squads and platoons
  • Disposable weapons
  • Calculating Battle Value (version 1.0)
  • Costs of weapons, equipment, and modes of transport

AeroSpace 2 Operations Rules[edit]

Details expansion and strategic options

  • Boarding actions
  • Crew quality
  • Advanced sensors
  • Force composition
  • Zero-G operations
  • Grounded DropShip

Linked Scenarios[edit]

Rules to link individual scenarios into a dynamic campaign

  • Assembling a force
  • actions
  • Campaign scores
  • Scenario determination
  • Campaign goals
  • New scenario types: probes, recon raids, base attacks
  • Updated terrain

BattleTech Strategic Game[edit]

Inner Sphere In Flames[edit]

Rules for strategic-level of play, to include complete campaigns and wars, and involving economic, political and technological aspects.

  • Economics and resources
  • Interests and personalities
  • Espionage
  • Communications and orders
  • Technology
  • Combat

Force Faction Tables[edit]

Provides simple data (BV, tonnage, cost and availability data) on combat equipment for different factions

Record Sheets[edit]


  • CBT has provided rulesets for all level of play: individual (MechWarrior RPG), squad (BattleTroops), lance and company (CBT board game) and battalion and higher (BattleForce 2). The BattleTech Strategic Game (usually referred to as ISIF or Inner Sphere In Flames) replaces the Succession Wars strategic game (published 1987) with a lot more rules and less dependence on luck. Where the previous incarnation was a board game, ISIF is role-playing at the strategic level. FanPro has continued to support the game in later products that allow for strategic play.