Commonwealth Day Massacre

The Commonwealth Day Massacre of 3146 was the largest single war crime committed by Clan Jade Falcon forces during their occupation on Arcturus.

The Occupation[edit]

Arcturus V, first capital of the Lyran Commonwealth, was one of its most important planets. First conquered by Clan Wolf, whose rule was very soft and didn't force major changes on the planet. Thus, their occupation apparently wasn't heavily contested. After the Wolves migrated to the Wolf Empire, Arcturus recovered its independence for about two years. Then Clan Jade Falcon arrived and easily took the planet, seizing major utilities and making clear than any resistance would be punished with death.[1]

The Massacre[edit]

During most of the occupation the population avoided antagonizing the Falcons. However, on the fifth of January 3146, a journalist of the resistance, Kimberley Wells, along with several others, organized a protest against the Falcons' mistreatment of workers. About ten thousand protesters marched to Malcheema's Lyceum. Star Captain Ferrau, the Falcons' security-force commander, was at the Lyceum. Being a follower of the Mongol Doctrine he ordered his forces to open fire on the protestors. One hundred and eighty protesters died in the first five minutes, with another two hundred and twenty getting shot or trampled as they tried to escape. And Ferrau, not satisfied with that, sent security teams to every hospital of the city, where they executed any wounded protestor they found, adding another seventy deaths to the body count. Kimberley Wells and a couple of her associates managed to escape the massacre and hid in a safehouse belonging to the resistance's commander, Quaid McKlaven. During the next week Ferrau's forces scoured the city, searching for anyone related to the protest. After receiving a tip from the local noble Vander Chabnill — who hated Kimberley for personal reasons — Ferrau's forces stormed the safehouse. They dragged her and her associates into the street, where they beat them savagely. Ferrau executed them personally and left the bodies in the street.[2]


The Commonwealth Day Massacre would have lasting consequences. Kimberley Wells' fiancée, the noble Torin Fyhne, was devastated by her brutal death. Following the massacre the resistance avoided any major strike to prevent new atrocities, awaiting their opportunity to act. That arrived when Khan Malvina Hazen took almost all of the world's garrison to Terra. Shortly after, the resistance surged and annihilated the small garrison. The Falcon civilians integrated themselves into the population, but nearly the entire garrison was eliminated. Only two dozen Clan warriors managed to escape. For their war crimes all were convicted in absentia and sentenced to either life without parole or, in Star Captain's Ferrau's case, the death penalty. Thanks to the help of local collaborators Ferrau and his group managed to keep hidden for a time, but after they launched an all-out attack against the reborn Tamar Pact leadership, they were wiped out. Ferrau was killed personally by Torin Fyhne in revenge for his fiancée.[3]


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